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Crime – First Crime (2017)

Release date:January 23rd, 2017
Label:Shadow Kingdom Records

Maot (Guitars,Bass) actually contacted me to check out the band which is cool, as I had no idea who they were as they have no page on social media but I’m glad he did cause this three track EP is something special.

This they say is heavy metal, I say yeah but more on the edgy side if you like Motorhead and Tank that kind of stuff this is what you get here,Highway Robbery,opens this up with a intro that sets the mood on what the track is about and it’s about a psycho killer from what I hear,but the music lives up to the theme as well as this rips with a killer chorus that adds flair to the whole thing. Give Your Life to the Ruin is another great number,I especially like the lyrics on this one and the way Noisemaker (Drums, Vocals) delivers them,the song starts out slow with a cool mysterious side to it before it gets into it and if you like guitar ripping it’s on here.really strong number as I gave it a few spins and it got better each time.We Shall Destroy is a great closer as there is more rage on this one showing the band has all kind of ranges in it,a killer lead at the end closes this out on a high note.

Crime is killer to be honest this band was surprisingly good and was even surprised that Shadow Kingdom Records here in the states picked them up,which is great news for the whole scene.I have a feeling we might here from this band real soon on a follow up to this.


Son in Curse – Trivnviratvm (2017)

Son in Curse
Release date:January 13th, 2017

Death Metal from Puerto Montt,this is the band’s first full length release which consist of 9 blistering tracks.

Rise of the Ancient Nephilim opens this off, a short but powerful instrumental and then comes Embrace by Demons which just comes at you like a fist in the face! this is some killer shit that put me into the mood I was gonna get my ass kicked by this band and yes this track did, fast paced hell driven vocals in the old school way just the way I like it,Incinerator of Visceral Belief,another filthy number to satisfy your thirst,this one has a minor break in it but then it gets even heavier as it goes on as it melts into your brain,Anger of Hatred,right from the start you hear this chaotic growl and then this explodes into a rage of pure hate a short track that gets right to the point,no fucking around here at all.

Chaotic Soul Devourer is heavy but the guitar here kind of shot me off in the beginning but once we get passed that it picks up and this one is a bit different but it still crushes as it goes on not really bad at all,I love the ending really something you should hear. Anu’s Piety is a nice heavy slow downed instrumental that gets you ready for The Arrival of the Empire,which gets us back into things and this one here is insane as hell and you can hear it even with it’s minor break which you hear the thunderous bass come out in it’s full glory before the track starts crushing you again til the end.Divine Subliminal Pray is one of my favorites on here as there is so much going on,the guitar work on here really impressed be as it took another dimension compared to the rest and still killed, The Rebirth of the Gods,finishes this off in the way it started a true cracker as it has some killer crunchy parts as well as the blast beats that send you off knowing you just heard some killer shit.

I highly recommend this to anybody that takes their death metal seriously,it’s nothing we haven’t heard before but when it’s done right it needs to be heard and in this case it is,everything on here is perfect when it comes to production,as many death metal bands that are coming out of the country lately this is one of the toppers.



Profound Grave / Occult Pantheon – Immortal Chaos Ascends (2017) Split

Profound Grave / Occult Pantheon
Release date:March 24th, 2017
Label:Ex Nihilo Music

Here we have two bands Profound Grave (Black Metal) and Occult Pantheon (Death Metal) and this actually being both bands demos being pressed on this split.

This opens up with a interesting Intro by Profound Grave and as soon as it’s over we get right to it as Black Bread for a Black Season comes out at full force and never hearing this band before they caught my ear early as they play this aggressive right to the point metal,I will say the production on here is rough but it’s good for what it is,vocals are sick just like they should be and some breaks are thrown in to make this a very interesting opener that kept me interested.Derange Temple Manifestation, is more toned down than the first but it has it’s own life to it as to me it has this eerie feeling to it in the beginning then there is a bass part that comes in and after that it storms into a rage that really put more depth into the whole track,Universal Cadaver Of Yahweh is actually the last track on here by the band before the Outro but this starts out with an air raid sound before it goes into total chaos and one thing that you will hear throughout this and the whole demo is that the drums are being bashed to hell and here for some reason they really stand out,so this is some killer black metal the Chilean way.

Alright onto the Occult Pantheon side and this opens up with Traveling Through The Arcane XIII,which is a very long intro that the band wants the listener to get ready for what’s about to come and the opener I´ve Arrived to the Charon Port (Omega) is a filthy sick track that starts out with a heavy dark riff and then proceeds to get heavier as then the band rips into it and has that old school death metal vibe to it,some very heavy damage being done here and it’s quite a long number so there is plenty of killer shit going on here,the vocals are your typical deep sick death metal vocals but for some reason they sound drowned out a bit but like I said before this is demo quality so it’s expected,a good opener though. Sailing Through the Sea of Realities,is a spoken number with a horror movie feel to it so you been told.(Alpha) To the End of the Beginning gets us back into the music and this is another strong number as it comes right at you before breaking down into a more heavy doom sounding vibe as most death metal bands do but one thing on here is the vocals as they are mixed so you get like two guys singing in different tones in some parts which adds to the flavor but I might be wrong and this is just one vocal you make up your mind but this track really smokes as it’s another long one so there is plenty to enjoy on here as well.Across The Portal closes this out and was kind of bummed out this is just an outro to the whole thing.

This is a good release that could’ve been better if the Occult Pantheon part was more music than filler,I know bands like to get that ritual feeling across but this was a little over the top for me but what they offer on those two tracks gives me hope they will come back even stronger as well as Profound Grave both are good bands that should fill anybody into the underground.

A cheer! goes out to Ex Nihilo Music for getting this out as their first release and hopefully more to come.


Devotion – Devotion (2017)

Release date:March 27th, 2017
Label:Oratorivm Records

So here we have the first full length from this black metal band and it has very much thrash influences in it as well,this release was actually put out last year but Oratorivm Records has made this available worldwide now so it should be easy to gey but pressed to only 500 copies.

Here we get 7 tracks of pure blasphemy as this ritual starts off with a small intro before we get into Via Tartaro and right from the start this comes in with a bang as you hear a sick yell from Abysshex (vocals) and it takes off with all the black metal elements in the guitar sound that are quite a treat to the ears as this whole track just grabbed me from the start and the lyrics are pure hate towards the bastards out there, made me wonder what was next,Rite of Sacrifice leaves off where we started and more good evil as we like,song has a minor break as the speed cuts down before it comes back but it brings all the flavor back, another strong number.The Shadow Bringer,more blasphemy as this one is more into the christian bashing which I have no problem with and the track is a bit different than the previous with a tone down from the speed as they are trying more to express on here but it’s all good.

Half way through and Hymnum Mortem is an all out assault with a pure hatred in everything from the music to the lyrics towards the false god worshipers as this just takes the band to a higher level when it comes to smashing your head.

Set and end to your life
Sees the light on the road
No turning back
Take his cross and fuck off!

Order of Chaos is about one of the heaviest tracks on here cause it blazes in all aspects,it’s a driver with no doubt as it will crush you and the title says it all, Black Light Path is one of those tracks that has more of a tale behind the lyrics but again the music is killer and the bell tolls in the beginning add a flare to it as well,believe me the whole feel to this album is still there.Revelations (Sublimation of Ancient Spirits),the closer was a bit different in the beginning as it doesn’t just come at full force but in time it does and so much is going on here,especially this lead at the end that will cut you like a knife,a strong closer no doubt to this excellent debut.

I highly recommend this to anybody that’s into black thrash,the production is excellent and if you like screams there are plenty on here to get your fill and the lyrics add to the whole concept.

I want to thank Oratorivm Records for sending me this gem, in the long run it was well received.



Democidio – Templos de los Muertos (2017)

Release date:February 2017

Here is a death metal band that contacted me and wanted to hear what I thought,a brief history, they been on the scene for about six years and released a demo but here is their first full length. 9 tracks plus an intro.

This starts with a nice acoustic guitar intro then comes the title track Templos de los Muertos (Temples of the Dead) and I will say these guys sing in spanish and this first number is one of those tracks that has this creepy feel to it, not an all blast out but it does come through as it gets better as it goes along but then they break it down near the end and that was kind of a let up from the rest but the vocals are what saved this one for me and a nice lead at the end as well,Democidio (Democide),ah yes here we get more into it as this track brings the band to a new level more aggressive than the previous and will please most death metal heads out there as the arrangement is perfect,Vivisección (Vivisection),another excellent track as you hear the drums blasting and a killer lead comes in that keeps the listener it as to what comes next and this has some breaks but they all fit in quite well and the lyrics as well as you can tell by the title.

Up to this point the band had a complete turnaround from the first track and all for the good as it continues on Catalepsia Infernal (Infernal Catalepsy), a bit more complex but it has a great drive to it in some parts but once again the slow parts are very powerful as they add a flavor to the whole thing,Necrofilia (Necrophilia),a sick demented number this one is one of the best as it brings so much feeling to it as the vocals come across as sick as you can get them and you can hear how tight the band is,there is even a break that the bass comes out on before a excellent lead brings this story to an end.Cristiano Desmembrado (Christian Dismembered) well with a title like this you would know what to expect,not much as an all out assault but it does deliver as the guitar work on here and it has some great pounding parts that make you feel what they feel in crushing the christian scum out there.
Torturado por Herejía (Tortured by Heresy),this has got to be the fastest track on here and it delivers the punch short and sweet and some excellent yells in here and some crunchy pounding part to add to it,Cruz Sangrienta (Bloody Cross) and Antropofagia Posguerra (Postwar Anthropophagy),the last two and each one with a different feel, the first with a more doom feeling in the beginning but then it takes us for a great ride as it has some great punch to it a very catchy number no doubt and the closer is just as good or even better as it just crushes from start to finish,pure mayhem all the way through,great way to end this.

Well this is some good shit here as it has a lot of potential and it shows in the all out recording here, as it doesn’t get much better but some sad news about the band about a week later after they sent me this they announced that the band was going through some hard times with their vocalist and economics as well and now they have no plans for the future and it’s a big blow as their vocalist was a big part of their sound and from their post it seems they are letting up and only hope that by releasing this some label will pick this gem up.they definitely have their own sound compared to other Chilean death metal bands out there so I wish them luck and some label puts this out.

Go to their Facebook page and see their videos and more info.


Vomit – Desecration (2017)

Release date:March 2017
Label:Peste Sagrada

Here is the debut demo from this band from Concepción and it’s three tracks of old school death thrash.

The Offering opens this up and from the get go you can hear from the guitars with that eerie flavor that will catch you, as then we get and all out Possessed worship feeling and the vocals are filthy rich to add to the flavor a fucking great opener and then we have Vomiting Death and here as we hear a Death! yell at the start as this proceeds into a crushing straight out and will satisfy anybody into this kind of shit and there is a slight change near the end that will fucking rip your ass as it’s heavy as fuck when the lead comes in very pounding then speed,just the way I like it!,the closer Realm of the Goat and a bit of different feel at first but another crushing track as this one gets better as it goes plenty of killer solos all over it which added a great feeling to the whole thing.

This demo is what Possessor (Vocals & Bass) says on the band’s facebook page that he set out to do as a tribute to Possessed as it was an early inspiration to him and it’s very good one,the tracks that ain’t online to hear are something I would highly recommend so I would try to contact Peste Sagrada as this is limited to 100 copies.



Torturer – Conjuro IV (2017)

Release date:January 1st, 2017
Label:Australis Records

It has been awhile since we heard from Torturer and their brand of death thrash, so I knew they were working on a new one and at the time of writing it hasn’t been released in physical format yet and the only mention I seen is their headlining the Satan’s Gift II fest which is in late June and that is supposed to be their releasing party so who knows.

But let’s get to this new one with the opener Conjuro IV which has an interesting intro as some female that sounds possessed yells out before the track comes in and right there you can hear that sound the band has been using for the last few releases with those pounding beats but this is very interesting because of the many breaks we get fast and slow parts and that is a common thing in the band’s sound these days,Bestial Invocation, is bit more on the edgier side in the beginning but then it goes more into a deep darker path which is one of the best things this band is good at some killer bass going off on here as well and then it rides out again,one of my favs so far.

One thing I will mention is the band has titles in english but they sing them in spanish they did this on the last album as well,kind of strange but different.Twisting is one that I had to hear a few times before it sank in and it’s one of those tracks that starts out really hard but then goes off into this really pounding riff that keeps you guessing what’s next and it’s very catchy as well and the drumming on here is excellent as it brings out the best on this one.Fucking Bastard,I would of thought this would of been a brutal fast paced one but it’s very slow pounding in the beginning until the end it gets faster and some killer lead that made this one worth while,Perception of Life is one of the stronger numbers on here as this will catch you once you hear it as it’s a driver all the way through some really great playing on here with the dueling guitar sound that never disappoints,one of the best on here.

Ralco,this track was on the Rise from the Ashes album but on here it is sung in spanish and it’s just as good as the first time as the production is better this time around,Victim,the opening riff reminded me of old Criminal and that feeling is felt through the whole thing,this rips as well and you will notice the sound as it’s almost right like it.Exterminio Total, with it’s pounding drum beat to start and all out assault and a great closer as this is the strongest track when it comes to death thrash,excellent release.

One thing about Torturer is they have stuck to their guns all these years they might not be for everybody as they don’t go all out on their music they have this certain sound they throw some rhythm sometimes,it’s something you have to hear to appreciate I noticed this on their last album and it crossed over to this one which is fine by me.

CD Baby has the digital release of this and it’s on YouTube as well,which really surprises me.


A couple of tracks off this.


Infamovs – Under the Seals of Death (2017)

Release date:January 23rd, 2017
Label:Memento Mori

Some serious death metal from Coquimbo, this is the band’s first full length with a very heavy level that could be compared to some old Deicide or even Morbid Angel to be exact.

Into the Death
is a short intro on they slow key but then it breaks into Dawn of the Black Dance which shows where this is headed with multiple breaks and wacked out leads that reminded me of yesteryear, this is some brutal shit as there is some killer blast beats that pound your ass pretty well when it comes down to it.Call upon Blasphemovs another strong number with all out fury, the vocals of
F . U are perfect for this and really standout here as this track will get you no doubt with some minor slower breaks to add to this chaos.

I won’t get into every track on here as you can tell by the ones I mentioned on what this release has to offer and if you like that old Florida death metal sound then it’s plastered all over this release for your fill. Other tracks that stand out are: Of Force and Plague, Interlude a very evil wicked instrumental that could be a soundtrack to a path way to hell.

This is one of those albums that gets better and better as it goes along so I highly recommend it, no weak shit at all, this is a monster of a release.



Degotten – Hexentrost (2017)

Release date:January 13th, 2017
Label:Blackstorm 666

I been waiting for this release since I heard the Black Wolf Pride demo back in 2015 and those not familiar with band they play black thrash but not your typical sounding one as these guys have their own element to add to the genre.

And from the start of Raping Fire,I could hear these guys were out to kill as this an angry mean hearted track against all weak humans and the sound reminded me a bit of Destroyer 666 during the Wolf’s era,and Brvce Amok vocals stand out like always,pure hate!

Hexentrost the title track is another pure piece of blasphemic pleasure with great lyrics to add and the music is an all out assault on your mind and soul and there is a lyrical part sung in german that translates to this.

Listen carefully, because one thing is clear
From the lower heaven it comes again
From dead power and honor
At a starless night
Blood and bones in the wind
From women for the devil’s child
Cured by my fire
it’s over

Some killer stuff I must agree,Oath of War changes the pace a bit but in a more traditional tale style as you will hear as there is a break that is very slow but powerful with the message behind it that brings to light on what this track is all about.Show No Remorse gets us back to more headbanging madness as this one is dedicated to all the true heathens of metal out there with a hate filled towards all posers! a true anthem against the weak.
Black Wolf Pride,well this version compared to the one on the demo is a very different here it sounds excellent due to the production and I always can relate to this song and will always be one of my favorites because of the lyrical content a true head crusher.Skeletal War Rites,is another old number that will stir you up, some excellent things going on here as well,fast and furious and mean spirited like it should be done.Fingerbreaker is an instrumental mostly, bass that reminded me of a certain bass player from Talas in the old days so it’s a cool thing they threw in for a slight change.Frozen in Blackstorm and Skyless Reborn are also two tracks that came off their debut Finsterkult and both are brought to a new light here as well and if you never heard them you will be in for a treat as they blend in well with this whole album and the lyrics to the last one are straightforward when it comes to today’s world.

Well the wait was well worth it,this is one hell of release and very powerful in all aspects on what the band is trying to deliver here,if you’re into FTW music this is it,not for the weak,no doubt a crusher!

The band has put this whole slab up for you to hear and buy so give it a whirl you won’t be disappointed.



Executed – Dying World (2016)

Release date:November 7th, 2016
Label:Equinox Media

Here is a thrash band from Rancagua and with a few demos under their belt they managed to get this out late last year and it consist of an intro and 3 tracks.

The Intro is from the movie “Shock” from 1977 so if you know about that you will recognise it,but let’s get into the actual product.Corrupted Mind,starts out like a blistering wall of sound and those who like old school thrash you might like this,I personally got a vibe of Vio-lence as this went on before it rolled on,but there is some really excellent playing on here and it’s a long track that really keeps the listener pinned to it,not a bad opener.

My Demons more heaviness and not to complex which is a good thing and Francisco Araya (vocals) stands out here as he yells out the title and some killer leads in the mix ads to some really good thrash and some chants as well,not a dull moment at all.Reflections of a Dying World and it’s a long one and my favorite as the lyrics are just as great as what is being played here and halfway in it really gets good as different riffs appear that really caught my ear that took this even a step higher before you hear an acoustic guitar come in to finish this off an excellent closer.

Executed have a great sound for what they do and it shows on this release and I admit I had to spin this a couple of times to get the actual effect and I’m glad I did and hopefully they get recognised soon as they can breakout with the right push,check it out below.