Soulrot – Revelations (2016)

Release date:August 24th, 2016

Soulrot are a three piece death metal band and this is their first EP which consist of five tracks two studio and three live plus two instrumentals.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is an instrumental that opens this up but it has nothing to do with death metal but that’s what it’s labeled but then it goes into Ectoplasmic Revelation which I will say this is pure death metal that has a great old school feeling as many greats from the past are oozing out all over it and the band adds keyboards that might turn some of you off but they don’t really drown out what is going on throughout the song so no worries at all and the vocals are straight out of hell as well.Evolutive Slaves,of the two studio tracks this one has more of an edge to it,more right in your face you could say and it just grabbed me quicker,good stuff.Psychophonic Symphony is another instrumental that closes the studio part of this EP.Bloodfed Deity… Blackstone,starts these live tracks and on here the band sounds totally different just as Horrors From Beyond does and the live version of Ectoplasmic Revelation are totally killer,this proves bands are better live than studio sometimes but not that they were any weaker or anything it’s just the feeling I guess,I will say these live recordings are kind of raw when it comes to the sound but they are still worthy of showing off what the band has to offer.

And this left me wondering and wanting to hear more as it’s very interesting on what they deliver to the genre,if you’re into old school death metal I would highly recommend this to you.



Mortal Whisper – Mortal Whisper (2016)

Mortal Whisper
Release date:November 25th, 2016

As I posted earlier this year about this band and their impressive heavy speed metal,they put out this EP of four tracks with only one from the rehearsal that was released earlier on it but this should please anybody that’s into this genre of metal and I think by putting this out they show they are one of the top bands in Chile doing this type of metal.

José Tapia – Vocals/Lead Guitar has a distinctive voice that some might have to get used to but I think they are perfect for this,I won’t get into all the tracks as I usually do but there is some great playing on here,that shows what is to come in hopefully a full length in 2017,Yes this takes me back to the golden age of metal it’s that good as you can hear on the player below.

Another thing the production they got out of recording this at Lion’s Roar Studio has really brought out a great sound and takes the band to a new level and this is some serious stuff not like a lot of these bands trying to jump on the bandwagon these days with their cheesy lyrics and so on if you get my drift.

By the way they only released this on digital format as of now so you can get it at their Bandcamp page.



Nemesis – Nemesis (2016)

Release date:October 2016

Well by the cover you can tell this is a thrash band and what I was shocked to see from the info I read is that they been around since 1996 and this the only release they have put out and it’s a EP of five tracks with an intro,so let’s dissect this slab of thrash.

Playing Godis the intro that leads into Mind Destructive and just by the pounding drum beat at the beginning you can hear this going to lead into something good and believe me it does,this is some driving shit that grabs you by the balls right from the start,the vocals are perfect for this as well a pure hard driver to your skull, you could say,a perfect opener no doubt.Nemesis,more sinister vibes on this one as well,very intense tune that keeps your blood pumping and some tremendous leads that add to the fuel,Psycho (About on Fire) this one might change the pace but not really as this one I really enjoyed with these cynical breaks with some cool leads that break in some killer shit in deed and fits in well with the title as song is whacked in it’s own good way.Perish in Flames,awesome mean sounding riffage in the beginning,but yeah this is the weaker of all the tracks on some points but not a bring down at all because at the end it rips in a great chaotic way.The Moment closes this out and the opening riff reminded me of Motorbreath by Metallica but that’s only for a few seconds as the track has a life of it’s own,with a lot of that galloping kind of riffage and what makes this even more different is there is a spoken part in here that then comes this killer scream plus the final parts are really catchy and interesting as well, a good closer.

The question is why did it take this band so long to put something out as this is an excellent release and I highly recommend it that’s if you can get a copy so you will have to write them and see if they have any left.



Mazemath – The Illusion Of Freedom (2016)

Release date:September 2016

Here is a new thrash band from Santiago that needs a listen as this is a pretty blazing debut from what I have heard,not much is known about the band as this is the only release they have put out,with lots of old school reference on here and I love the raspy vocals that remind me of some band I can’t think of at the moment, but I will say this is different than most of the other thrash bands that have come out this year.

From the start of Hell on Earth you will hear that old school vibe and even the chant of the title is reminiscence of the old days, Guilty Ones,is bit more heavier to me and the vocals really stand out on as well and the dueling leads are a pleasure to the ear as they are through this whole album,Dramatic Words and Apophis – Killer Asteroid,are up next and the first one is a bit different than the previous as it has breakdowns not heard on the previous but the second one is one of the better tracks on here to me with it’s crunchy riffing and just the way the whole song is written kept me tuned in,In Cold Blood,from the start I got this feeling of old Criminal and it basically reminded me of them through the whole thing so nothing wrong with that at all, No One Really Knows gets a more aggressive as you will hear the band going off on this one,another one of my favorites on here,and then we go onto the title track The Illusion of Freedom and what I really like about this is what the message behind it all and the music fits in well with what’s trying to be said here,good stuff.Tree of Crows is more on the crunchy side as to more speed but it doesn’t take away anything from the track as you have some great lead playing on here as well,Make Them Pay well here you go, the opening riff reminded me of old Metallica and this builds up as it goes along and I admit this is a great tune for what it is and should please any thrasher out there,so onto the closer Shredded Human Ties and the band comes out blazing on this one a true headbanger that will crush you,a very awesome finale to this debut.

I must say if you like thrash I would check this out,because it has what you want to hear,the production is excellent on here as well.The band has got what it takes to breakout for sure if that’s what they are aiming for,one of the better thrash albums to come out of Chile this year definitely.


(Full artwork to the cover.)


Slaughtbbath – Splits (2016)

The band released two splits this year this is my take on both of them.

Slaughtbbath / Ill Omen – Pestilential Hierophanies
Release date:June 28th, 2016
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

A track from each band, Ill Omen (AU) – Whited, Pestilent Sepulchre…,first off this is a one man band project that goes under the occult black metal genre and this just isn’t my cup of tea,very slow for about 4 minutes before it picks up and does get better at the end but that long slow boring part in the beginning just killed it for me,it’s 8 min long so you been warned.

To the Slaughtbbath side with Inverted Hierophany,well this track opens up slow before it goes off about 2 min in then rips all the way till a break but ends strong with what we would expect from the band.

To be honest I don’t know why Iron Bonehead released this,the artwork is the best thing about the whole deal,to those who disagree more power to ya,because this isn’t worth the money.

Slaughtbbath / Grave Desecrator – Musica de Nuestra Muerte
Release date:August 12th, 2016
Label:Hells Headbangers Records

Now we are talking, here with Brazil’s Grave Desecrator which anybody that knows this band is high caliber when delivering the goods.

This starts off with Slaughtbbath – Nefast Fireground / Tyranny from Sodomy two tracks in one you can say,from the drum roll at the beginning that gets you into it but part two is my favorite,some pure evil shit here that shows the band off when they are at full force.

Grave Desecrator has only one track on here with a intro The Fallen which leads into SxSxSx (Sex, Sin and Satanism) a very powerful track that does the band justice to make this a worthwhile pick up for anybody that’s into collecting these slabs of vinyl.


Bloody Exitation – Road to Nowhere (2016)

Bloody Exitation
Release date:August 6th, 2016
Label:Thurbul Records

Here is a thrash band from Santiago that I been waiting to hear more from as I featured them on Vol.6 of my compilations,the band has been around a few years now with a few demos released, this now is their first full length.the band splits the language barrier on here as it’s basically half and half.9 tracks of old school driven thrash with that Chilean twist that we have all become to know by now.

With the yell bloody! on the start of Bloody Exitation,you can hear that driving thrash coming at you and some excellent leads that are heard throughout the album.As I mentioned earlier about the language on A.O.D. is in spanish and there is quite different vibe to the whole track as it isn’t as driving as the previous but it does have it’s moments and if you can understand the lyrics they really bring more life to the whole thing as well.Adrenaline Throng,starts out with a mid pace feeling before it burst out into a full assault on the ears and there is a part they use a phaser that sounds like the guitar is bouncing of the walls and then it breaks out into this excellent lead that made this one probably my favorite to this point.Neoalquimia (Neoalchemy),is more of a laid back track and I mean more just basic heavy metal,even with a midpace slow down but after that it gets thrashy near the end,a very interesting song you would have to hear.Hell In Countryside,this is the track I featured on my compilation and it speaks for itself,all out thrash!Maricón Sonriente (Smiling Faggot),haha with a title like that what could you expect and this is one of the heaviest tracks on here all the way around,another one of the highalights on here.Black Mirror is the longest track on here and it’s one that I really enjoyed because of the structure of the whole’s one of those type of songs you could listen to while on a long drive to nowhere,it’s a super catchy believe me.10 gr. on here things pickup again with some really excellent ripping and some chants as well for good measure that should please your ears.Falsa Libertad (False Freedom),with it’s political outlook I can agree with the whole thing here on whats going on and all governments are shit! the track itself bleeds the message behind it a very good closer to the whole thing.

This is something I would recommend to anybody that likes thrash and there is a lot going on throughout it,the production is excellent,you can hear that bass going off really good as well as everything else.checkout their Facebook or You Tube to hear their material and not a bad deal as you can see below.