Sadistic – Surrounded by Evil (2016)

Release date:September 28th, 2016
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

Sadistic are a death metal band that have been around a couple of years now and I heard a preview from this earlier and was very anxious to hear the rest and the wait was worth it believe me,six tracks of pure death metal.

From the start of the instrumental Prelude to Death you can hear this band is here to deliver the goods,just that right sound that tells you something exciting is about to grab you as Sadistic Legions burst in and right here you can here for what your infor for the next 19 minutes or so as this track just smokes into your brain with everything that’s great about death metal.Surrounded by Evil the title track has it all as well even with it’s more of a change in pace but the vocals on here deliver as they do through the whole EP,some killer leads on here that finish it off as well.Neverending Nightmare opens up with this horrid sounding riff before it takes off with a fury of its own,a more complex number with its breaks but tough throughout with no doubt.Demonic Chaos,on here I got a very old school feeling but it’s all over this whole thing from beginning till the end,but this track for me especially maybe because of the riffage who knows,some killer shit as you will hear.Horrid is the perfect closer as it will crush you ass for sure all that picking action that we love is on here and the blasting leads at the end and that riff that fades out was the topper for me.

This in the end is one of the best death metal releases of the year,there have been a few others and this one is in my top five easily as everything I like is on here,everything is top notch and I highly recommend getting this.



Samot – Across the Abyss (2016)

Release date:May 20th, 2016
Label:Unspeakable Axe Records

So anybody that read my review of their first demo knows how much I enjoyed that and this 4 track EP doesn’t disappoint as well, some killer blackened thrash and the production on here really stands out as you can hear all the instruments to a crisp.

Awakening is an instrumental that grabs you from the start as it has this mystical feeling to it as builds up as it goes along and then comes The Calling and this one comes at you a full force with a few hooks thrown into mix which bring much to the blend of the track plus the chorus will grab you as well,a very well written track. Across The Abyss is a pure sick symbolic track that shows another side of the band with a more dark feeling to it,not the fastest but it does deliver.Whispers is a short instrumental that closes out this in good fashion.

This is a step up for the band no doubt but it left me wanting to hear more so maybe next time we will get a longer length out of them because they have a sound that could break them out to further pastures with the right push.

*The physical copy of this might be sold out as the band had one copy left according to their Facebook page.


Invocation Spells – The Flame of Hate (2016)

Invocation Spells
Release date:July 2016
Label:Suicide Records

After last years brilliant release “Descendent the Black Throne”,I was very surprised that they got right back to it with this new one,if you never heard this band they are black thrash and one of the better ones on the scene.

Darkness Prevails opens this up and right from the beginning you have that sound the band has been putting out but here you get this crunchy riff that kinda made me wonder if they had changed but no worries as it gets back to that pounding sound they deliver,one thing I noticed is that vocals are very clear on here which is a plus, a pretty decent opener.The Flame of Hate,the title track gets back to the sound I was used to from the band more aggressive when it comes to speed in the beginning and some really catchy hooks thrown in make this a very enjoyable number even with a slight change midway through and back to the kicking ass towards the end.Nocturnal Silence has this very black metal riff at the start that you will recognise from the beginning but then the song takes a life of it’s own and to this point it’s one of the best numbers on here,this one will catch anybody’s ears that have never heard the band.Messiah is another excellent number of pure blasphemy for the ears and the vocals once again make this one for me as you can feel the anger being spewed out and just all around catchy shit.Ride The Fire is one of the stranger tracks on here, just because there is so much going on throughout the whole thing,this is one you would have to hear to actually know what I’m talking about even at the end with sound effects of war,vultures,evil laugh and other things make this very interesting that go right into Evil Mountains that gets back to it with a charging pace but it kind of ended to quick for me and you will notice that in a few tracks on here that they will end without a notice but oh well.The Invocation and Renegades of The Light are two great songs to finish this off on a high note both with their own feel especially the closer that fades off into glorious hell.

Being a fan of this band since their first release,I will say this is a good album a bit different in some parts but that shows the band is exploring other things which is good as long as it still delivers that certain punch and on here they do that so I will leave it at that.