Invocation – Seance Part: I (2016)

Release date:April 25th, 2016
Label:Godz ov War Productions

Invocation are a black/death metal band that leans more to the death side,These guys are new and I heard their first single a while back and was curious on what this demo had to offer,4 tracks on here 2 where previous released.

This is some pretty wicked shit that should please any death metal head out there,especially if you like the old school sound,the vocals are perfect on here,as the 4 tracks on here all have that good quality especially Devout Effusions that has some tempo changes but has this great evil feeling to it,that grabbed me,also the closer Hypnosis,is another one that stood out due to the sickness that is being spewed out through it all.

Invocation left me with that feeling of wanting to hear more,so this being part 1 hopefully the second is around the corner,the production on here is just right from my end, but that guitar sound to me is classic which gave it an edge.


There is a tape with 2 bonus tracks released by Destruktor Records.


Evil Madness / Infant Death – Split (2016)

Evil Madness / Infant Death
Release date:September 4, 2016
Label:Deathrash Armageddon

It was good to see that Evil Madness had this split come out of nowhere due to the fact that after last years Bastards Get Rotten release from what I read they were going through some personnel changes and was wondering what would be the outcome of it all.

So here we get this split with Norway’s Infant Death which I’m very familiar with and are a great black thrash band,so I knew what to expect and they deliver on here so no let down at all.but let’s get to the Evil Madness side.

They only have 4 new tracks on here,Disease Is Coming… Kill Them!,with an intro of an acoustic guitar with electric guitars in the background doing effects sounds pretty eerie then the track breaks in and all the expectation of thinking the band would change their sound went out the window as this sounds just like it did off their last release,a superb opener with plenty of that great sound this band brings to the table,Debased Mind,rips right from the start with some crazy leads and this crunchy riffing thrown in,this is some insane shit that will get your blood boiling it’s that intense as everybody in the band is going off.Convulsive Reality,like the opening riff to this one as you can tell by now what to expect as this one crushes as well,the shortest track on here but straight to the point,another winner.Speed Kills and oh man does it ever kill, this one is an all out assault to crush your ass,this is the kind of metal that I love just pure insanity that will leave you drained.

This is an excellent release the only thing I wish that is missing is the lyrics on the cd as you can understand it but it might take a few listens but both bands kill on here not a dull moment at all,if you order this from Deathrash Armageddon you can also get a patch of either band you choose.



Bukon – A Little Taste of the Spear (2016)

Release date:June 2nd, 2016

So here is another one of these new thrash bands that have come out in the last year or so, a four track demo as their debut.

This opens up with a short Intro as Damned Spear sores in and it’s a really a great track all the way through and the vocals add to the pleasure even the break near the end smokes, a really good track,Downfall is another strong number with a good message behind the lyrics,the chorus is kind of strange and you can really hear the bass going off on this one as well,the fast picking on here is killer as well,Morbid Stalker has this crunchy riff at beginning as the pace gets faster but the pace isn’t as fast as the previous but still a thrasher with no doubt.Lard Bath is strange because the bassline at the beginning sounded like some old Nuclear Assault and by the lyrics as well and the laughter but the vocals made it more death thrash so it’s a mix,not complaining but that’s what it felt like to me.

This isn’t a bad debut,but one thing I noticed was the production is kind of off balance as the lead guitar was kind of lower than the rhythm in some parts other than that it’s good for what it is,should please any thrasher out there.



Exterminio / Погост – Diabolical Psalms (2016)

Exterminio / Погост
Release date:May 23rd, 2016
Label:From the Dark Past

Here we have a split that came out earlier this year and i will only focus on Exterminio but will say the Russian band Погост (black metal) side is excellent to bad they split up.

Anyhow Exterminio is a three piece that plays blackened death thrash and on here there is four tracks, somewhere released before and don’t really know if these are new versions but anyhow,this band kicked my ass with the 2014 Proclamando el Exterminio EP and was looking to hear the follow up.

This starts out with a short intro before Parabellum comes raging out and if you like allout shit this is it,this is the only track that they sing in spanish on here but man for a three piece this is crushing as you can hear the drums being pounded to hell,Elitism, Intolerance, Supremacy,I think is the only track that hasn’t been on another release and it’s a good one as it’s full fury, right at you and even the switch to singing in english doesn’t affect what’s being done here and the short break at the end that leads to the pulverizing of your senses. Gloryfy Darkness, Glorify Damnation,you’re gonna love the raging chant at the start and then the song is pure chaos from all aspects as the band will eat you up on this one,a true head pounder. Imperator is as strong as the rest pure fucking heavy shit the way this type of music was meant to be played,the vocals are so aggressive that it just adds to the power even with a slight tempo change near the end this track should kick your ass.

Excellent! is all I can say about this,to bad it’s only four tracks maybe next we get a full length,if you never heard this band this is a killer sampler for a new social media for these guys sorry.


RothammeR – The Endless Nightmare (2016)

Release date:July 2016

RothammeR is one of these new thrash bands that have been popping up on the scene lately,this is their 4 track debut demo.

Wrath of Darkness,opens this up and from the beginning this sounds pretty good but the vocals are something that the listener will have to decide for themselves,too me they have a old school s.american style,the musicianship on here is excellent! Cast to Ashes is up next and in the same vein as the previous,one thing I will mention that they have breaks in their songs,so if you’re expecting all out assault you won’t find it here but the arrangement of their songs is very well done and the leads are superb.Seeking Blood,has this very short guitar intro and then gets heavier and even with a short break this is my favorite track on here that really had me going but it ended to quick and left me wanting more,the title track The Endless Nightmare also starts out with a guitar part before bursting out and it’s a driver for sure and the bass line near the end sets up for a strong finish as we get some killer guitar leads to finish this up.

I will say that this band has what it takes,they have a different sound compared to others,but one thing about this recording is that sometimes you might hear the drums drown out the rest of the band but it’s not constant so maybe on the next release they can polish this up.

The band has this as a free download and it’s a good one at 320kps with full cover scans plus lyrics you can get it here.



Outraged – MMXVI / Visions (2016)

Release date:March 28th, 2016
Label:Play Loud

Here is a new black/thrash one man project that features F. Steele who is also the rhythm guitarist for Apostasy,I decided to post both of the releases from this year,the first is a three track demo and Visions is the latest single.

Malevolent,is an instrumental that’s short but it sets the mood on what is to be expected and it has a great drive that will keep you interested on what’s to come.Underground Forces,is about Mictlán and from the start it has a killer riff and then breaks into the speed as it flows along,the lead part is really the part that made this one for me,even the short bass line that pops up adds to pleasure of this,Glorious End,this has a few tempo changes but nothing that really matters from the start you can tell but the speed comes in and you’re off and the lyrics make this one as their pure hate and I like how it fades out at the end,good shit.

Visions,the single to me has a lot more going on than what the demo had,the vocals are the same but the way this track is composed is what’s different but it’s not bad just took me a few listens compared to the rest,this track will be on the new EP.

I will say this is very impressive for being a one man project and the production is excellent and a change in lyrical content as it’s more mythology than your usual satanic themed shit,I’m glad I stumbled upon this will definitely be looking forward to the new EP that is in the works.



Totten Sorak – Destruidos (2016)

Totten Sorak
Release date:February 1st, 2016

Here is the first release by this death/thrash trio from southern Chile,and do they have a punch to their music with short tracks that are straight to the point,you might even hear a bit of hardcore/punk in some of their tracks but they insist it’s pure death thrash.

These guys sing in spanish but like how I always say I don’t care because this is some aggressive shit that really caught my ear because it’s a change from most of the stuff that I review on here,there are 8 tracks on here of pure head crushing mayhem and it only last little over 17 minutes with songs about war and all that other good shit which is an all out assault on your ears,and I don’t really have a favorite because I can listen to this all the way through.I highly recommend this to anybody that likes extreme music.

You can download this for free at their Bandcamp.



Hellbutcher – Condemnatus Tormentum (2016)

Release date:June 2016

Strange that this band has been around for 10 years or more and how it’s only managed one EP and several demos,probably due that they sing in spanish,only had one track on their Ritual Desecration Ep that was in english,but that shouldn’t take away anything this band has to offer,by the way they play black/death/thrash metal.

As this is a demo this only has four tracks on it with an intro and outro but onto the music,Oscuro Placer de Muerte (Dark Pleasure of Death),opens this up with a old school Tom Araya scream and the band shows it knows how to deliver,there is plenty of everything on here that if you are into genre you will love,it’s nothing new but it’s excellent for what it is,the pounding continues on El Horror (The Horror) which takes it up a notch with the speed and an excellent lead on here that gave it more of a live feeling to the recording to me,Speed Death is an instrumental and it’s sweet one indeed as it has a few tempo changes but they are all extreme and that’s why this is a crusher as even the bass pops up for a bit before slaying again,and to finish off with Cementerio de Almas (Cemetery of Souls),with the familiar death tune at the beginning in a brutal way,this goes right into it and keeps up until near the end when a short break comes in and then another one of those screams like from the beginning to close this bit of chaos out.

This has got to be one of my favorite demos this year by far,everything on here is perfect,production wise and so on,only hope that is the band gets noticed outside of Chile and somebody puts out their older stuff even better a full length.the band has made a Facebook page,the link is below.


The whole demo

Some live footage proshot.


Henosis – Unleash the Ophidian Essence from the Reverse of Creation (2016)

Release date:August 2016
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

Was looking forward to this release since their Apotheosis Pulsio CLVI EP from 2014 left me wanting to hear more,this band goes under the black metal label but there is a lot of death metal elements as well that they blend together very well.

And from the start Eyeless God Gnosis starts this off with a tight uprising tempo that leads up to the band exploding with aggression and this is a long track that you will hear a combination of excellent riffs,a really good opener that keeps me interested on what’s to come.The Red Key,is more straight in your face from the start but it does have these great tempo changes and the lead adds to the track being one of the best on here.Macrocosmic Invertion,is the shortest track on here and it’s a solid one with pure blasphemy to add with some great lyrics to make it even stronger.Communion with Forbidden Darkness is one of the longer tracks on here,coming in at a little over 8 minutes,there is a lot of different changes and the opening riff really grabbed me,this might take the listener a few spins to really get the whole feeling and you can hear how this band knows what they are doing as they blend all this in very well and fades away with this killer sound.Incognoscible Force,this is the track that really will grab anybody that’s into this genre,from its pounding intro to when it really starts to rip your ass apart,it got me from the first listen a true fist pounder here,hail to “The Fire”.Promethean Salvation,closes this out and man it just crushes from the very start and then we get some mid tempo stuff thrown in as this track has a lot of changes as well but it doesn’t really take away anything from how heavy this is,gotta love the way the end just fades away into oblivion.

Henosis sure does deliver on this follow up as this took me a few listens to really appreciate what is going on here and in the end I would say that this is a treat,a band that has a lot to give and should get noticed more after this.



Lux Nigrum – Interview (2016)

Here is a look into what main man Azerate (Guitars, Vocals, Bass) has to say on this up and coming chaotic black metal band and what it brings to the underground.

ECM – Dado que algunos no han oído de la banda describe su sonido, por lo que escuché que suena en bruto como el infierno.

Azerate – Lux Nigrum es Black Metal ruidoso, sin tomar influencias de otras bandas o querer apuntar a cierto sonido, solo hacer musica evocadora, real y con un trasfondo relevante.

ECM – He visto que tienes algunas otras bandas, esta es la principal ahora?

Azerate – Tengo varias bandas/proyectos donde hago cosas bastante separadas de lo que es el Metal, por ejemplo De-Sartre va orientado al ruidismo, todas son las principales para mi.

ECM – Tienes otro miembro que toca la batería, pero él está en México, cómo lo encontraste y le enviaste las canciones a través de correo electrónico para que pudiera fijar las partes de batería o se fue a Chile?

Azerate – Á’gîshnümünääb Svtekh Öyrábörá trabajó conmigo en las baterías, el es el dueño de Ars Sigillum Manifesto y el encargado de Kur Extorquere, me interesé en su proyecto y lo contacte para conseguir su musica, luego de eso le comenté que estaba formando Lux Nigrum y que necesitaba hacer las baterías para el primer demo, como aquí en Chile no encontré a nadie dispuesto, el aceptó y contribuyó sin problema para hacer surgir a Lux Nigrum, le envié unas maquetas con guitarra de las cuales el compuso la batería, luego fue grabar, mezclar y así se creó todo.

ECM – Cuentame sobre el nombre de la banda.

Azerate – Liberacion a través de la Luz Negra, la iluminación de la oscuridad que brinda absoluta ascensión. Trabajos personales antes de que se formara LN.

ECM – Se menciona que lanzaron dos demos, me di cuenta que son los mismos temas, pero la ultima version tiene unos extras, es lo mismo con esos temas agregados?

Azerate – Primordial Chaos es el primer demo, Chaos Ritual es un promo tape lanzado por Defiled Light, que sí, contiene los primeros temas del demo y los dos ultimos son unos temas ritual improvisados en especifico para esa edición.

ECM – Cómo surgió el sello americano Defiled Light? Cómo llegaron en contacto contigo?

Azerate – Constantemente estoy buscando música nueva, vi que este sello trabajaba con mucho Black Metal Lo-Fi, Noise, Ambient, etc, escuché sus lanzamientos y me interesó mucho, así que yo los contacté, les mostré mi trabajo y les interesó, me ofrecieron una edición en tape con el sigilo creado por Á’gîshnümünääb Svtekh Öyrábörá como portada, muy conforme con el trato con ellos.

ECM – Que piensas de la escena Black Metal en Chile?

Azerate – No tengo mucho interes en la ”escena” de Black Metal acá ni en ningún lado, para mi honestamente es un circo cualquiera y no me interesa perder el tiempo en eso, en cuanto a las bandas, nada que decir, creo firmemente que de Chile salen cada vez mas y mejores bandas haciendo real Black Metal con un sonido e intención seria para lograr su cometido.

ECM – Qué hay para el futuro de la banda?

Azerate – Ahora estoy trabajando para el compilado ”Micelio Taumatúrgico” de Psithurism Recs que incluye bandas Black Metal/Dark Ambient, también viendo lo del proximo EP para este año o ya para el 2017, y obviamente continuar esparciendo a Lux Nigrum por este asqueroso universo.

ECM – Gracias y tienes unas últimas palabras?

Azerate – Gracias a ti por el interes y el espacio a Lux Nigrum, aun tengo copias del primer demo en cassette para los interesados. Salve CAOS.