Concatenatus – Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light’s Consumption (2016)

Release date:April 5th, 2016

Concatenatus are a two piece band that play atmospheric black/doom metal,I recently got contacted by one of the members to checkout their latest offering,and I did some research on them and they are pretty well known over in Europe as they just came back from a tour there.

But onto this EP which has three tracks and this whole opus has so much going on,that I’ll just say it has everything you would want in this genre from black metal vocals and some blast beats along with the heavy doom as well and some anthemic vocals that are thrown in as well.this is some really dark evil music especially these screams that are on here that will make you feel like you’re in a torture chamber, Aeons,the opener just sets the mood for the rest of it but this is my favorite and a lot is going on here as this runs almost 8min.Barren Knowledge,is a whole different story as it has an acoustic guitar and the vocals are eerie as well with sound in the background that flow well as it goes into Hodie mihi, Cras Tibi which brings me back to the band’s sound as there is plenty of everything mentioned earlier,and the anthemic vocals really stand out as well as the atmospheric tone really shines on here plus the lyrics.

I will say I had to give this a few spins before I actually got the feel of what was going on,but in the end it’s good for what it is and it should please anybody into this kind of material,I have a feeling this band may break out real soon or after a full length is released,contact Totenmusik and see if they have any copies left of the cd version that has this and their first demo on one.



Mevak – Destroy Your Enemies (2016)

Release date:June 11, 2016

Here is another new thrash band that just released their first demo,and here we have four tracks of pure headbanging pleasure for your skull.

It starts out with Intro (Mosh on Hell),and I must say this is some pretty solid shit right from the start then the break that takes off as the this killer growl comes in and sets the mode for the rest of the track,the vocals are sick as fuck very dirty sounding which really adds to their sound,excellent opener,next is the title track Destroy Your Enemies,which has this crunchy riffage but then it explodes into a driver of a track and you gotta love the raw production on here as the drums really standout and it gives you a feeling you’re right there,this was meant to be played loud!this really is a killer track all the way through a perfect crusher. Chaos Around Me,starts out with a heavy bassline then the drums, but then all hell breaks loose as the rest of the band join in, then halfway through there is a bass part that really added flavor to this one,so far so good.and on to the closer We are Fort,another one with the bass opening,and this one is a bit different in the beginning but it really gets good at the end after another bass part then we have some really crunchy part that I thought was perfect as it really made this one out for me.

This is really good offering for this young band,the mix on the production could of been a bit better as sometimes you might hear something being drowned out,but it really doesn’t matter because it gives it a more of a live effect,like I said play it loud!

By the way check out their Bandcamp page to get this for free and the lyrics are there as well and they add to the pleasure.



Pentagram – Reborn 2001 (VHS Rip)

Pentagram - Reborn 2001 Front Cover vhsPentagram - Reborn 2001 back cover vhs

I uploaded my copy of this legendary concert just to show how better the quality is compared to the one that was released on “Under the Spell of the Pentagram” compilation in 2008,I felt ripped off when I bought that release expecting the same quality but instead it’s shit! I even have those other two video clips that were added and they are even better than what was on here.

Recorded live at their reunion show on Sunday May 27th, 2001 at “Teatro Providencia” along with Dorso and Necrosis.this featured all the original members of the band except Alfredo Peña (bass) who committed suicide in 1990,so Juan Francisco Cueto ex- Criminal took on the duties.

Released on Picoroco Records, I doubt that this will ever see a real official release on dvd as Eduardo “Picoroco” Navarrete passed away in 2005.


Amenaza -EP (2016)

Release date:April 13th, 2016

Amenaza which means threat in english are another new thrash band out of Santiago,and this is their first five track EP release,they sing in spanish but don’t let that get in the way of giving them a listen.

En Pie de Guerra (Up in Arms),gets the ball rolling and right from the start you can hear this an all out thrash attack! and the subject matter on this track is pretty good that it’s against the cops,but back to the music the vocals are nothing new on here they sound like some other bands playing thrash these days with the chorus chants to boot and if you like leads they are all here, good opener.Al Margen de la Sociedad (Beyond the Pale),another very catchy track from the start with crunchy riffs and you can hear the bass as well the production on here is excellent!and again great lyrics about not falling for the lies of government and all that other shit.Testigos de la Aniquilación (Witnesses Annihilation),so far this could be the slowest track but by no means is it a snoozer,the lyrics are what made this interesting to me,it’s about how humanity thinks it’s superior over the animal kingdom and doesn’t give a shit about it,yes this is a thrasher no doubt as it got heavier in the break when the leads started going off and all the way to the end.Violenciadicto (Violence Addict),with title like this you would think it would shred but instead this track kind of bombed for me to much a groove feeling to it but in the end it got thrashy. Al Paredón (To the Firing Wall),the closer,it’s a bit different than the earlier tracks just because there is so much going on from the rhythm section and then they throw in that dreaded groove sound that really kind of killed this for me,unfortunately.

This band has it’s good and it’s bad,it’s all a matter of taste,they might please a lot of people into old school,the band can play as it shows on the first three tracks but that groove sound they throw in on the last two tracks just didn’t click for me.On a high note,I really like the lyrical content the band sings about like on the last track about putting all these high authority fucks to the wall and killing them.I’ll leave it up to you because this died for me after the third track.



Sol Sistere – Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum (2016)

Sol Sistere
Release date:June 3rd, 2016
Label:Hammerheart Records

This band has been called “South-America’s best kept Black Metal secret!” and I think they maybe right,it’s been along time for me that I have heard something this good in this genre,this one of those albums you can sit through the whole thing without being bored to death,as they call themselves atmospheric,well you can say that it is but I guess that’s why I like it.

The band consist of veteran musicians from other bands (Animus Mortis,Maleficarium,Timecode,Perpetuum),so these guys know what they are doing and you can hear it throughout this whole 8 track album,I won’t get into every track on here but from the opening,Death Knell I was pretty much interested on what this band had to offer and it has a lot as most every track on here is over 5min except one,so there is a lot of things going on throughout the whole album.

My highlights are:Death Knell,Relentless Ascension,Degraded Soul,6th Replicant.

This album could probably be the topper for this genre this year,no corpse paint here just music to kick your ass!

Official Website


War Därmen – War, Curse and Damnation (2016)

War Därmen
Release date:May 8, 2016

This is a brand new death/thrash band from Santiago and this is their first four track demo.

War Artificer,opens this up and has this cool sounding intro of war and the guitar comes in at a slow pace but then you hear this distorted guitar as the whole band takes off,and I must say you can hear the vocals quite well on here and when they really get to the fast part,this track really got good as you hear this killer lead as well as the rhythm section as well,so it left me wanting to hear what was next,Outer Curse/ Quasar Frequencies,and here it really got interesting for me,this track takes off right from the beginning and for some reason the vocals sound even more evil on here,and yeah there is some good ripping as well and you can hear the bass cracking clearly but then the song fades away for a bit, then you hear the guitar and especially the bass making this an atmospheric sounding part that I really enjoyed which then leads us back to the main riff and the song continues to it’s end,after that bass solo comes in which leads us into Wolf of Damnation which comes out driving right at you and is really catchy as it has a great riff throughout as a break comes in the pace slows for a bit but it gets heavier towards the end again.Nevermore,closes this out with a nice melodic intro it breaks into this killer riffage that for a minute you got a taste of old Necrosis and the inner part where the guitar solo is just amazing headbanging material,a very good closer to this demo.

I will say these guys are young and they have what it takes to go onto better things,the production could’ve been better but it’s their first demo so I don’t care as it has that raw vibe to it.

You can download the demo here.



Black Ceremonial Kult / Kratherion – Har​-​pa​-​jered / Abdicación divina​.​.​.​ ascensión de la muerte infinita (2016 Split)

Black Ceremonial Kult / Kratherion
Release date:March 13th, 2016
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

This features a new and old band Black Ceremonial Kult (Death/Black Metal) being the new band and Kratherion (Black Metal) both bands feature Vilú (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Negro (Vocals (backing only on BCK), Drums).

Black Ceremonial Kult is one evil sounding band and this must be a concept,because all the titles except the first one start with Liber and run I through V,but to the music,this is some sick stuff that really should please ones that are into the dark side of things.Intro: The Mysteries of the Snake is just some very evil sounding intro that set the scene and it sounds like this is coming straight from hell.Liber I: Har-pa-jered liber,opens up and you hear the vocals of Khaos (Bass, Vocals) and they sound like hell on earth,the track itself has two parts with a break,the first part being slow but then it breaks into this all out hell,that pounds into your skull,a really powerful track to get things started,Liber II: Hexagram,starts out in a fast pace before slowing down a bit then you hear a bassline but then gets back into spewing evil as it has the creepy riff but then again it goes all out into pure hell as the band just goes off.Liber III: Yhvh eloah ve daath,up to this point this track is an all assault on your brain this sounds like your in hell with these vocals that sound like some demon is pulling you down to the pits,the band absolutely just goes insane,a brief break thrown in and the ending is just pure insanity,the best track up till now.Liber IV: Rising Sun ,things slow down a bit on here but as usual at the end there is a break and that leads to a crushing end.Liber V: Victory I II III,the closer of this trip through hell,on here this track got me confused as there are parts that just didn’t click as much as the others but it’s ok,probably the weakest track on here.

I will say that this band isn’t for those who want to hear vocals,as what you get here is some pure evil that blends in very well and distinguish the band from others,not a bad outing for this outfit.

Kratherion sings in Spanish and have a few releases up to this point,an intro starts this off that’s kinda long but then Galopando entre Ruinas Celestiales (Galloping between Celestial Ruins) comes in,I will say this the band is labeled black metal but from this first track this sounds more on the death/black side and this opener has a few tempo changes in it that kept me interested even some lead appears on here,it all fits in well for a starter. Manifiesto del apostolado caótico (Manifesto chaotic apostolate),this one comes out right at you full blast from the start as you can hear the whole band going off on here as well as the vocals are really excellent when it comes to the lyrical content and just the way it’s written really caught my ear that should please anybody into this extreme kind of metal.Escaras de santidad (Bedsores of holiness),the pace kind of slows down here but it picks up but this track is something you have to hear to really understand what’s going on here as both Vilú and Negro share the vocals for an interesting mix and the guitar playing on here as well stood out and this one just has this certain feel about it as you hear these demonic growls towards the end and the feedback as well good evil shit! Las torres del silencio (Towers of Silence),the opening riff reminded me of some old Swedish death metal but that’s about it as the tempo here as is kinda slow compared to the other tracks on here and is probably the weakest track on here,it does speed up a bit at the end but it kind of just took away the feeling that the rest had given me until that point.Vomitoxicatarsis,the closer on here gets us back on track and hell is this a catchy tune of pure aggression as it builds up as it goes on and just crushes your ass,but it left me wanting to hear more as it ends quick,there is an outro at the end of some female getting it somewhere in hell.

Both the bands have their own taste,and I would recommend this split to anybody that’s into underground black/death metal,I had to hear it a few times to get the feel of it and I was very pleased in the end.

You can hear the whole split on here.


Sergio Mella (Productions)

Sergio is another like Leo Pozo that does a lot for the Chilean metal scene,I been following his work for awhile now and his photos are great but he also does some great videos and has gotten better with time now that he has multiple cameras, he has stepped up the production.

Subscribe to his youtube channel here or checkout his photos on Facebook.

Here is some of his latest work from this gig.