Dangerous – Interview (2016)

Dangerous needs no introduction these days as they released a solid debut Metal Heritage last year that put this band on the map,here is a recent chat with Raúl Carreño (Guitars,Vocals) on whats been happening since the release of the album.

ECM-As for those who do not know you can give a brief history of the band?

Raúl-The band was born in 2006, and was founded by Daniel Gonzalez and Carlos Manki, members who continue to this day. During the years 2006 to 2009 were released some demos that generated good reviews at the time, then between 2009 and 2010 there was a break in the band, as always: lack of commitment of some members, repeated failures, etc … which led the band to a recess. Between the years 2012-2013 Daniel and Carlos rejoin the band, with other members, until the year 2014, where the band enters Raul Carreño, our current guitarist / vocalist, and later, in 2016, joins us Patricio Valenzuela, current bassist Dangerous.

ECM-So how have things gone since the release of the album? I’ve seen a lot of good comments.

Raúl-The truth is that it has gone better than expected, two months after releasing the disc (November 2015), half of the 500 copies we had were gone,this between trades and sales, we had an incredible response from abroad,and the truth we did not expect, as the same in the national scope we had good movement and received very good reviews overall, we had many invitations to play, so we could show our music in different places in Santiago, plus San Fernando and Valparaiso.

ECM-How did you finally reach an agreement to use the name Dangerous and is there a story behind it?

Raúl-The name comes from fanaticism of the founders of the band, Anthrax, and the name comes from the Armed and Dangerous EP.

ECM-Consider the band retro? As many these days call any thrash band that, but I don’t believe the band should be labeled that.

Raúl-Not at all, we like the Thrash Metal forged in the 80s and that’s what we play, if we are called retro or not, we do not care, we just do what we like.

ECM-I have seen that you have added Patricio Valenzuela as the new bassist, was it easy to find him and does he bring something new to the band we will hear in the next album?

Raúl-Patrick is an excellent bass player and was our friend before joining the band,he played in another band were friends with (OLD FORCE), so when we were without a bassist, he was the first choice to ask that will fill the part, and at the time we offered him to be an official part of the band and he accepted. And is definitely going to be a contribution for the new album, we are eager to create new songs.

ECM-So have you had any contacts to do any concerts out of Chile? It would be nice one day to come to the United States or Europe.

Raúl-It would be great, but we have had no offers so far, I think we should first be released by some international label for our music to reach more people, and after that we could think about going to play out.

ECM-What is your opinion about the thrash metal scene everywhere these days? I see there are some very good bands from Chile who are keeping alive the flame of the old school.

Raúl-The current thrash metal scene in Chile is going through a very good time as shows and quality is concerned I think, these last years very good bands have come out (Dictator, Hellraider, Old Force, Metastasis, etc.) in addition to those that have had their time on the scene and they have finally realize their metal in professional formats (Massive Power, Dissident, Chaotic Bastard, etc)

ECM-Since the album is still new, any plans on maybe having some new songs appear on an EP later this year or are you just going to wait for an entire album?

Raúl-At the moment we are in the process of creation, and we are not sure if the next will be an EP or a full-length, all depends on how things are going, and how our pocket is when we want to record, hahaha.

ECM-I want to say thanks for the interview and do you have any last comments you want to say to the rest of the world?

Raúl-Thank you very much to you Hector for the space.
If there are people who read the interview and has not heard our music, I leave invited you to listen to the album on our Bandcamp (available in full streaming), there you will find the information to buy it. And with that, we hope to see the bangers in the near future on the dates to come:
– Saturday 25 June, in our official release of the album with bands of the scene.
– Saturday July 16 as supports FAITH OR FEAR.


In Nomine – Luck & Death (2016)

In Nomine
Release date:March 13th, 2016
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

In Nomine play black/speed metal,this was actually released last year but this is the english version that was released this year with special guest added Thrash (Black Beast,Ejecutor) and Cony Bitch (Evil Bitch) which they are on the spanish version as well from when I compared the two.

This a an EP with five tracks and an intro (Ladies and Gentleman,In Nomine!) and The Devil, comes in and this is some dirty speed metal without a doubt but I will tell you right now there is a lot of spoken singing on here that might turn some of you off but the music is killer the opening riff on here has a real old school feel to it.Engine of War is a seven minute track that has it’s moments,this one isn’t as fast as the previous and this is the track Thrash is on and you can hear him quite well in the chorus but this track might be to long for most but I still liked it after a few spins it grabbed me.The Renegade gets the mood flowing again as it has a really strange vibe to it and has some killer ripping on here which stands out really well and kept me interested and it keeps up with Crushing the Paradigm which up to this point is the most driving track as you can hear the drums going off throughout the whole thing which leads to the closer Wild Beast which features a spoken part by Cony Bitch which fits in well and this is my favorite track on here because it pounds like crazy in every aspect especially the part she comes in and the solo after that really took this one to the top.

So this ritual has it’s highs and lows and I say ritual because throughout the whole thing you hear In Nomine! after each song,and this might not be for everybody as I said the vocals are not the catchiest in the book but that’s what separates the band from the rest and the production on here is better than the spanish version from what I heard,I only gave this a 7/10 because the lyrics on here unfortunately threw me off sometimes I didn’t know what the hell was going on and it just took away the feeling the other version gave me,only thing I can say is if this was directed on getting a international audience,I’m sorry but it won’t work if you don’t put more focus on the lyrics in english.


English Version:

Spanish Version:


Nimrod – Time of Changes (2016)

Rawforce Productions has reissued this compilation of “Time of Changes” demo (1988) and other rarities (rehearsal & live songs) plus different artwork,contact the label on their Bandcamp page or try Hell’s Headbangers as they carry a lot of Rawforce releases.

As the original copy of this cd, it has been remastered,one of my personal favorites,I highly recommend getting this piece of Chilean thrash metal.


Soulcrusher – Death rides tonight (2016)

As I reviewed two of the band’s earlier tracks that ended up on here,I’ll just say that the other two new ones on this demo are in the same vein as the others, some good black thrash and if you want a physical copy you can reach the band at their Facebook page or you can download it at their Bandcamp.


Vexatum – Interview (2016)

Some of you are probably not familiar with this band, for the record they play death metal (Beginning) but now have gone into the black/death genre,so I had a few questions to ask Felipe Brintrup Rios (Guitars,Vocals) about what’s going on with the band as they are set to release a pro tape demo.

L to R:Felipe Brintrup Rios (Guitars,Vocals) Adolfo Cayuqueo (Drums) Fernando Rauque (Bass)

ECM-For those who do not know the band can you tell what is the force behind the band and the bands would be considered as a source of inspiration?

Felipe- Well before I answer your questions, thank you for this interview.
The band was created in 2005, created by Felipe Brintrup of Puerto Varas and was looking for a drummer in the field of extreme death metal; in the neighboring town of Puerto Varas this new Braunau, which is the residence at the time of drummer luis Cayuqueo.
I explained the construction of the band and the riffs that I had created and immediately began to create music.
Then we spend time creating one rehearsal cassette recording with two songs (2005) and at the rehearsal we met and we add to the band bassist Fernando rauque resident Braunau. The rehearsal cassette was very underground distributed only those who really liked the style, soon time passed and no more was delivered as that cycle had passed.

The live performances began in different cities of southern Chile and always with the desire to achieve out of the south and spread the music as much as possible in Chile and hopefully abroad.
And so the band remained until they reached the typical problems of work that usually separates bands, taking into account that in Chile practically you can not live off music. That’ll explain later in the interview …

On the inspiring bands you ask me, they are many and not only death metal, but many styles within the occult, extreme and violent metal, it would be difficult to respond with specific bands as you mentioned earlier.

ECM-What is the story behind the name Vexatum?

Felipe-The band before taking the name Vexatum, had the name “Demolior Clangor” over time I renamed it myself to what really are the lyrics of the band the mystery violence, etc. Vexatum comes from Latin, it’s rather extensive but summarized as: maltreat, humiliate, torture, within the morbid and malicious aspect which determines the band as something unique in one end and within that the inspiration of what is truly inspired by evil given to their riff, tones, lyrics, etc …

ECM-Since the band formed in 2005 discography is very limited, is there any reason for this?

Felipe-Yes there is a very clear reason and I mentioned it in the first question, the primary reason is money, then the lack of jobs and changes in cities, have money to record in a professional studio and have decent material to the public.

Now the band is just going through that issue and 5 years and therefore now launching a pro ep tape, so that the public who knows the band knows we’re working on the final touches of the final production which will take the band back to the stage.

In 2007 we released as a gift 2 demos with two tracks in the south, and they were put online, for those who downloaded them good, but for those who didn’t we won’t be putting anything more, that has had it’s time.

ECM-You’re going release a new demo but I see that was recorded in 2009 why so long to launch it? and being distributed and will be available outside of Chile?

Felipe-Good in 2009 we entered the studio to record what would be our first album of 9 songs lasting 30 minutes, it was not possible because money issues and internal problems of the band, but always on the same subject is money, therefore I spend my time trying to raise the money well and finish the musical production, and failed, but to record 4 songs of study which will be released as ep-pro / tape, the rocksur seal records Montt port.
The reason for the time elapsed was because the band momentarily separated, since I (Felipe Brintrup) go to work and live for 5 years to La Serena for a better job opportunity, and drummer luis Cayuqueo goes further north in the country for the same reason in Antofagasta.

So now ,elapsed time and work decreased in the north of the country, I will return south with the songs finished for the album and with drummer of Unbaptized (Fernando Bachmann) and vocalist guitarist from Maligant Worship (Cristobal Brintrup) who will be the patch as bassist of the band, will record the Vexatum disc within this year, hoping to be released in the same year or in 2017.

No material outside the country has been released and for us it would be great to do with a foreign label, but yes, I would like that for the record we will record this year, as there is a very big evolution between mix of styles, Vexatum is no longer a band only death metal right now, now Vexatum is a death / black metal band, and this evolution will be on the disc.

ECM-I want to know more about this and what the song titles and the topics are?

Felipe-The names of pro tape songs are: Venenum, Lupos. Text of the Suffering, Hominum Et Cruciatu Doloribus.
Topics on the pro ep tape, talk about human agony as a general culture of human beings,finding pain as cures as anguish, enough death metal lyrics.

ECM-I have seen on youtube you’ve done some live shows and saw that you opened for the legendary Pentagram in 2010, if I am right, how did the idea come about and how did it go?

Felipe-Well we played with the great Pentagram, but also with Atomic Aggressor in 2009 and Magnanimus the same year, prior to that only shows underground and shows on private by word of mouth, we had a lot of movement as a band from the south of the country, so now is the time to take the big leap.

Well playing with such great bands and more arduous path, it is an excellent experience since many more things you learn in performance, share big stage is something remarkable.
The idea of the presentation was Australis Records, they took us to the presentation to spur along Pentagram among other bands and more.

ECM-Since you’ve been on the scene for so long what are your views on progress?

Felipe-Well I been on the scene long before Vexatum, earlier I was in Terrorem (death metal) and FURIA (death metal) after that I created Vexatum as the band of all my expectations of life and extreme musical inspiration, it is my great creation .

The evolution of the band as I mentioned in previous answers, is that the band is no longer just death metal but has always been inspired by the occult, black metal in satanic cosmic themes and Luciferian. The mixing death metal with black metal and dark religious mystery that is something spectacular and that is to see on the disk to be recorded this year.
It is more ritual mixed with powerful riffs and extreme drums.

ECM-In conclusion, any last comments for the rest of the world?

Felipe-The conclusion is very clear, if you’re going to listen to extreme metal, understand what you hear, see and study the symbols of the covers, it’s all work is motivation, it is culture and history, it is ritual, remember that all the loud music inside death and black metal is music that always has one goal and that has lead respect to the buying public of the original material and go to live presentations to see a quality show.


I’d like to thank Felipe on the interview and you should contact the band at their facebook here.

I heard a couple of tracks off the demo ep and it’s some pretty good shit and hopefully the new album gets some good distribution so the rest of the world can hear the band.


Hemisferio – Entre tierra y luna (2016)

Release date:February 11th, 2016

As long as I’m on the heavy metal run, I should mention this new band Hemisferio,I been reading up on this band and they are making a name for themselves on the scene and that’s a lot as they only have two singles out,on here we have two or three tracks depends on the edition as the physical copy comes with the extra track that was released last year.

La Cruz (The Cross), and from hearing this you can hear all kinds of good vibes as a few bands from the past pop up in the sound and is this band tight?hell yeah they are and if you have never seen this band they are very young and even a female on bass but they play like veterans,Entre Tierra y Luna (Between Earth and Moon) is an instrumental with lots of hooks to it that keeps you interested in their sound, not a bad piece.Hasta Encontrarte (Until Finding You),strange that this is their first song from a year earlier but it’s the the strongest track on here to my ears by all exceptions.

I will say this leaves you wanting for more, if so look them up on youtube as there are a lot of videos of them playing live and one thing that is for sure is that out of all the NWOTHM bands coming out of the country they are one of the leaders.you can download all these tracks off their bandcamp page.



Witchunter – La Ira del Brujo (2016)

Release date:March 19th, 2016

Witchunter is a heavy metal band from Puerto Montt,they contacted me and I always welcome bands that contact me and want some kind of exposure and only the ones that I think should be heard.

This has six tracks on it and I will say that I really put an ear to this because I want to get the full effect and this is sung in spanish just in case you want to know,but anyhow this opens with Ave Negra (Black Ave) this starts at a slow pace and the vocals come in and he carries this song in the beginning and you can hear that he has the pipes to sing this style,it takes a bit before the pace speeds up but it’s worth it as the song is well written telling a tale about warlocks as birds bringing the hell.Caleuche is about a ship of the black arts and just like the previous it starts slow but when that break comes in the song takes its course and I must say the guitar work on here is very good,Cazador de Brujos (Hunter of Warlocks) comes at you from the start as I’ve noticed up to now are these songs have some great tales behind them and the music just goes with it just right,there is some great playing on here as well that should appeal to any fan of old school metal.Jinetes de la Muerte (Deathriders) this up to now is the strongest track just due to the drive behind it all ripping leads almost through out it all,should please anybody into this genre. Witchunter the band’s title track has this Iron Maiden sounding riff at the beginning but then it takes it’s own form and there is a lead in here that really caught my ear that you will have to hear, another strong number,and we finish with Guerreros del Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal Warriors) and what would you expect with a title like that but a straightforward anthem with all those lyrics we love about Metal,Por Siempre Heavy Metal!(Heavy Metal Forever!), a great closer.

I will say that this being the band’s first official demo, it ain’t bad and they have what it takes as far as musicians also I can hear many old school singers in the vocals so you will have to hear which ones if you decide to get this from the band.only fault here is that the production didn’t do the band any justice it’s not bad for a demo but just shows me if they got a better production they would really stand out in front of the numerous bands doing this in the country.
You can contact the band here: witch.hunter.puertomontt@gmail.com or phone +56981287437

(Note*) In time of writing,the band is looking for a new vocalist.

Felipe Soto – Bass (2012-present)
Rodrigo Ampuero – Guitars (2012-present)
Juan Pablo Millalonco – Guitars (2012-present)
Claudio Morales – Drums (2015-present)

Here is the opening track from the demo.