Temple Below – The Dark Goddess (2016)

Temple Below
Release date:January 22nd, 2016
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

For those that don’t know this band is made up from members of Slaughtbbath and Bestial Mockery from Greece,it’s been about four years since their last effort,their basically black/death with the occult being their prime influence,they have made a big dent in the underground in the last few years.

First this is an EP and was hoping for a full release after all this time,but this will do for now,each side of the vinyl if you get that version has a name with the first side being,Side Shar-e-Khamosh and as the title,this revolves around the goddess,May Worlds Bleed for Her Honour, opens this off and as previous recordings they have an intro to set the mood and this breaks in with full throttle as the devilish yell of Hail to Thee Mother of Demons! spews out and it just crushes until it breaks down to a almost stop pace but this track has two sides to it as you read the lyrics the slow part is called Hells Evangelist and after this the blast beat appears again but calms down in the end,so this sets you in for a trip you could say.Mahavidya Cchinnamasta,opens up with a gong before you hear this acoustic guitar come in as well as this snake sounding sound,made me feel like I was in some kind of movie to be honest,but once the music actually starts we get this eerie feel to this track,very occultish sounding with demons coming at you from all directions and as the previous these songs have major breaks to really make you feel like it’s a tale being told,this is a very dark track.

Side Nirvikalpa,this side opens up with Ave Trivia Ekati,and we get this intro that makes you feel like you’re in hell no doubt and then the song breaks in just a pure rush of adrenaline,you really need to read the lyrics to this to really see what the whole concept is here,and this one stood out a bit more than the others for a apart the lead comes in,best track on here.Boszorkányság; A fekete assozny árnyÈka,ends this and it’s a interesting bunch of sounds that take you away,no music.on first listen I was kind of disappointed I thought we were getting four tracks here but only three.

Don’t know how people are going to take this,I don’t mind the concept behind the whole thing,it’s a step higher than their previous work and the only bad thing I heard is at times the snare drum sounds flat but other than that it’s a good recording,I know these guys have their main bands but I think one full length might of been better after the long wait.the whole package to this is worth the money for the art of Nekronikon,as I’m a fan of art I really liked the three different covers that come with this.




Putrid Coffin – Under the Cementery (2016)

Putrid Coffin
Release date:March 15th, 2016

Here is a new death/thrash band I stumbled a long to find on Bandcamp,I looked around for more info but there is nothing else and the only way to hear it is on their page,I gave this a few listens before it sank in,we have seven tracks here.

Dark Master,opens this up with a fast pace and it caught my ear from the start,then the vocals come in and they ain’t bad, nothing new but it’s good for what it is and the screams on here are good as well the song keeps moving along with a good tempo all the way through.Utopian Tale is another strong number and on here, you can really notice the vocals anybody have any doubts,this guys english comes across like any veteran on the global scene and as far as the track it really ends strong,up next Coffin keeps this going an up to now this one has this strange vibe to it as it has a few tempo changes throughout it,I especially like the rhythm part when the lead comes in,it’s got this really heavy feeling to it that I really noticed. Flesh Hunter,up to this point is probably the heaviest when it comes to speed as it burst out right at you then this lead comes in to add to the pounding it has to offer,good all the way.Ancient Times,on this one the drums stand out from the beginning and a bit slow but then it starts ripping especially around the middle of this it gets really good but it threw me off with to many changes in the end,maybe it’s just me.Black Vomit Capitalism,I was wondering if there was any bass on here and I finally here it at the start and this one gave me a kind of black metal vibe but changed quickly as this turned out to be one of the best tracks on here and will probably be included on my next compilation.Destruction Feeling,ends this and it pounds from the beginning and the blasphemy spills out through the vocals as well as the whole track and will keep you wondering what more will come from this band.

It’s only been nine days since this was released (in time of writing) and I did some research on social media only thing I found was just a few posts and it was strange because only one was from Chile.I’m going to give them a yell and see what’s up,who knows this could be a one man project and the title might be strange as well because cemetery is misspelled to most but in the spanish way it has an n but why the rest in english? who knows.

But I will say this is a good release for what it has to offer the production is very good for a first release,anybody into this genre will love this,it’s got a lot of catchy parts to it.


Extreme Chilean Metal Vol.6

Over two hours on this one,none of these bands have been on previous issues.

00:00 1.Deathly Scythe – The Opposites
05:21 2.Angelcrusher – Into the Defiled Temple
09:33 3.Morbid Holocaust – Alcoholic Lust
11:06 4.HalluxValgus – Hot Pukes
15:09 5.Death’s Force – Torturados Por La Fe
19:22 6.Legion Devil – Demons Passing Portal
24:19 7.Occisor – Serpiente Eterna
28:04 8.Dead Moon Temple – The Fall of Horizon
32:27 9.Invocation – Emanations
37:23 10.In Nomine – Bestia Salvaje
41:44 11.Worms – Orgía
47:38 12.Black Beast – Sign the Contract with Eternal Darkness
51:04 13.Henosis – The Red Key
55:42 14.Sangre de Lobo – Negra Ejecución Cristiana
1:00:14 15.Parkcrest – Hallucinative Minds
1:04:57 16.Mortandad – Frente A Frente
1:08:23 17.Steel Addiction – Demonic Warrior
1:11:24 18.Mortal Whisper – Demoness
1:15:51 19.Trastorned – Into The Void
1:18:43 20.Senderos del Mal – Ave De Mal Augurio
1:21:11 21.Gravered – Hail to the Legions That Rise from Flesh and Darkness
1:25:12 22.Drencrom – Make Her Suffer
1:29:19 23.Deathspawn Voidbringer – And Death Claims His Realm
1:36:08 24.Coffin Curse – Hear The Dead
1:41:01 25.Consecrate – Laudatio
1:45:44 26.Hades – Agony
1:47:32 27.Night Ambush – The Patrol 666
1:50:53 28.Calvario – Tyranical Triumph
1:54:07 29.Buried – The Horror From Beyond
1:59:01 30.Vilú – Rebelion
2:02:23 31.Bloody Exitation – Hell In Countryside
2:07:09 32.Violent Scum – Burial In The Sky
2:10:32 33.Sepulchral – Nuclear Warfare
2:12:35 34.Nerkroth – World’s Death
2:15:28 35.Insorcist – The Only Witness
2:18:44 36.1879 – Brebaje Infernal


Mortal Whisper – (Rehearsal 2016)

Mortal Whisper
Release date:March 9, 2016

This is a young band I been looking into,they say their a Heavy Metal band yes they basically are on their first demo but this new rehearsal they have a added a lot of speed to their music and after this they need to be heard,these two tracks will be on a up coming EP.

Two tracks here Mortal Whisper / Demoness,of the two Demoness is the stronger cut,the only thing that makes this Heavy Metal are Jose Tapia’s vocals but the music speaks for itself.Mortal Whisper just a crushing beginning to this the only part it slows down is when the vocals come in and dueling leads which is always a plus,the production on here is very good for a rehearsal you can hear the bass cracking on here,excellent!
Demoness as I said is the more aggressive track and man does this kick ass,if doesn’t move you I don’t know what will a pure throwback to the old days forsure that left me wanting more.

Both these track are available at their Bandcamp page.



Codex – Albor (2016)

Release date:February 1st, 2016

This is new death metal band formed by members of other bands (Castigo, Ophanims) sounded good to me so I gave it a listen,five tracks on here.

The songs are in spanish so we start with Verdad (Truth),this starts out kind of slow then the vocals come in and it sounds like they have two guys doing them and the pace picks up a bit then slows down again but really gets good at the end,a decent opener.Rapiña (Rapine) is a really interesting track as it starts out with this eerie sounding riff as a deep growl comes in as well and it keeps the listener interested as the pace picks up a bit but again slows down and fades away,should appeal to most death metal freaks.Trabajo del Mal (Evil’s Work),this is my favorite track on here,it has a great riff that opens it up and is different from the previous ones it’s just one of those kind of tracks that get’s you from the start and even the first time we get some lead thrown in,a very well composed song.Destrucción (Destruction),it seems that this offering gets better by each song as this one starts out blasting from the beginning and a crunchy riff during the middle and a part the bass comes in,another strong number.(…) yes that’s the title but anyways this is another one that should appeal to most, it starts out with a really catchy riff but then breaks down and a killer lead comes in but it just ends with no punch.

I wouldn’t compare this band to anybody,it’s death metal!
It’s something you got to hear for yourself,they have potential but they need to add more leads and keep the pace up as these breakdowns made me lose interest in some of the tracks.You can download the EP if you want here.



Criminal – Fear Itself (2016)

Release date:March 11th, 2016
Label:Metal Blade Records

It’s been along time since I have given Criminal a listen as they kind of faded to me after the Cancer release and that was back in 2000,but up to then I had everything they released so I decided to give this new one a listen.

This starts off with a cool intro and then the first track Down Driven comes in and it took me back to their old sound that I haven’t heard in awhile and Anton Reisenegger vocals sound as good as ever,so this is a great opener that made me wonder what was next.False Flag Attack starts kind of at a slow pace but then comes in pretty strong but then the pace slows down again but it’s all good as it comes back strong with a good message behind the lyrics.Shock Doctrine is another strong number as the drums start it off before going into it’s pounding but the chorus slows it a bit before we get some intense lead going but then it has a surprise ending as it just stops out of nowhere.The Needle and Knife, this is another one that will leave the listener interested,as it has a good catchy vibe through the whole song.Scream of Consciousness, I like the opening riff on here but it kind of slows down the pace when the vocals come in and I would say it’s one of the weaker tracks on here when it comes to aggression but it has it’s moments especially near the end,but then Summoning the Apocalypse comes in and it’s one of the strongest tracks on here,this one will please anybody into the extreme side of things,this rips from start to finish.The One Who Speaks at Night,what I liked most about this one were the lyrics and there is some wicked guitar work on here as well,something you would need to hear to get what I mean,good stuff.Animals to Gods was the first track that was released to the public and it’s what led me to listening to the rest of this album and it’s good from what I heard as it has that distinctive Criminal sound.Deep in the Rot keeps the drive going especially in the vocal dept.I wouldn’t say it’s a fast paced track but it will keep you hooked on how the structure the song was built.Wasted Youth will get you as it builds up from the start as it gets heavier along the way,another strong track on here that left me floored.Carne Molida (Ground Beef) the last track and sung in spanish and a great closer as it’s a hard driver as well with a mid pace part in the middle that ends strong.

I would say that I’m glad I gave this a listen as it’s a good release Anton was right when he said this album would kick your ass and it might if you never heard of the band and even old fans like me that had written them off,the production on here is crystal clear so no problems there,some might say why I covered this on here because the band is based in Spain now well to everybody it’s still a Chilean band even if it has to Englishmen in it as well and the new guitarist Sergio Klein is from Chile as well and he does some great leads on here that fit in just right with the sound of the band.

Hopefully now that the band has resigned with Metal Blade that they get a U.S.Tour and people can see this band live.

Official Website


Extreme Chilean Metal Vol.5

This will be the last one for a while all the bands on this have never been featured in past issues.

00:00 1.Bloody Vengeance – Falling into the Occult
04:54 2.Homicida – Sacrificio
07:58 3.Nekrohammer – Nekrohammer
11:39 4.Raper – Kill it with Fire
15:32 5.Putrid Evocation – Vengeance From The Crypts
19:43 6.Tripas – Diatriba Infernal
24:08 7.Pantano – Slaves of Fear
26:24 8.Codex – Trabajo del Mal
29:27 9.Weapons Conquest – Bangers Commando
33:05 10.End of Process – Third Coming
37:30 11.Blood Oath – Morbid Lust
41:05 12.Tribulation – Send The Priest To Hell
44:30 13.Horrifying – Psychopathic Behaviour (Filthy Degradation of Life)
48:30 14.Necrolatría – Prevail of Darkness
52:20 15.Evil Terror – Massacre into Speed
56:06 16.Pvrificator – Damnation
1:00:42 17.Rex Mortvvs – Necrópolis
1:05:01 18.Evil Destrukkto – Blasphemic Metal
1:08:11 19.Black Ceremonial Kult – Liber I : har pa jered
1:12:33 20.Valefar – Requiem For The Bastard
1:16:02 21.Venus Torment – Astraphobia
1:19:15 22.Terror – Marca de la Bestia
1:22:57 23.Tombroad – Orbis
1:24:18 24.Nocturnal Death – Devocion (Tinieblas)
1:28:44 25.Demoniac – When Witchcraft and Cult Rises
1:33:18 26.Unblessed – I Am The Black Scorpion
1:39:07 27.Death Living – Forever Underground Occult and Magics
1:43:10 28.Unhallowed – Satan’s Metal
1:48:18 29.Dark Horde – Fin


Pilsen Drinkers (Interview)

Pilsen Drinkers is a thrash band that’s been around for a few years now,I recently got contacted by Rod (drums) and I wanted to know what’s going on with the band.

1.ECM-You’re one of the original members,let’s start out and tell people who are unfamiliar with the band what its all about.

Rod – Hello friends, I introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo, founder drummer since 2004 with vocalist Diego of our band Pilsen Drinkers, we been making music for more than 10 years now, we released a demo in 2007 called “Controlled by Hatred “ and in 2016 we will launch our first EP titled ” Join the Brotherhood “ released by the National label Australis Records.

2.ECM-What or who are your influences that got you into the metal from the beginning?

Rod – The influences of Pilsen Drinkers are thrash metal and all its expression, there is no special band, we just have metal in our blood and we do what we like, playing thrash metal and drink beer.

3.ECM-So tell me the story behind the name of the band Pilsen Drinkers?

Rod – Pilsen Drinkers was born in 2004 with Diego on vocals and guitar, Rodrigo Drums, guitar and Figue Remato on bass. At first we got together to play songs of our favorite bands, Exodus, Testament, Metallica, Slayer, etc, and in turn drank a lot of beer at rehearsals, that is where the name and concept of Pilsen Drinkers was born.

4.ECM-I know you didn’t play on the EP “Controlled by Hatred” if you did correct me, but why did the band get kind of quiet after that?

Rod – My departure from the band was due to an academic subject in which I was finishing my studies, and where I had to retire selling my drums, so I could not continue with the band or less record the songs we had created.
After a while the band already had another integral and recorded smoothly.
The band after having the demo “Controlled by Hatred”, suffered a great emotional blow, by losing Rodrigo Juica, bassist at the time, he died of a stroke (vascular brain), at that point that detained the band without knowing what would happen in the future.
Then in October 2010 I reunited with Diego to remember the old songs, then we recruited many musicians who passed through the band so far, the new members are Amador on guitar and vocals, and Michael on bass.

5.ECM-Don’t know if you where in the band at the time but I read that the band had it’s equipment stolen, did you ever find out who stole it?

Rod – The theft of the instruments was a disaster, at that time I was no longer participating in the band, but what happened was at the launch of the demo, they left the car parked outside the premises, instruments and copies of the records, on his return They opened the car and realized what happened, an unfortunate experience which I never heard from those responsible, a pity.

6.ECM-We’ll let’s get on to whats going on now, I see you have a new album coming out in Australis Records, that’s a very good label because they have a worldwide distribution, how did that come about?

Rod – After creating the new songs and redoing ones that weren’t unfinished, the idea to do work independently, there are 9 tracks that were recorded in the cultural center palace of the city of Coquimbo, once finished we have contact with Australis Records, who accepts us for their label because they liked the themes and recording quality as they were recorded in a professional studio. We also have the art complete, so we’re just waiting for departure to organize the launch, initially the album would come out in March this year but was delayed by problems with the cover, as our illustrator suffered a problem that is already solved.

7.ECM-I noticed that the two new songs are in English, we can expect more on the new album? and what is the story behind the title “Join The Brotherhood”?

Rod – Of course, there are songs in English and Spanish, in English are:
Join the Brotherhood
Digital Human Control
Slaughter by Order
One last time

… And in Spanish they are:
Perros de Batalla
Asesinato en el Pit
Un Destino bajo Tierra.

There is another in English but is an instrumental called “Prophets of Chaos”.
Join the brotherhood is very clear, it is an invitation to join the Brotherhood of metal, to enjoy the thrash metal and mosh and stage diving that both characterize and also an invitation to listen to the rebirth of the band Pilsen Drinkers who have much to deliver on stage, and have a good time with your head banging and drinking lots of beer.

8.ECM-So after the album comes out, what are the plans of the band are?

Rod – The plans are simple, distribute the album to all those who like metal and thrash metal in general, tour all the cities and show what this band is made of, and if possible go out and play outside Chile, hopefully if given the opportunity, but going slowly, first Chile and it’s cities.

9.ECM-Since you guys are veterans on the scene, what do you think of these new young bands in the thrash movement coming out of there?

Rod – So far there is little movement of thrash bands, new bands are always coming out but different styles, just hope they are consistent in their work and payoff, but there are many new bands excellent in other styles, to my taste Arson, Revealer, Black Light Bringer , Hura crepitans, etc.

10.ECM-Ok let’s end this here, thanks for your time Rod and I wait for the new album, do you have any last comments for the rest of the world?

Rod – Very grateful for the space given by Extreme Chilean Metal and tell the thrashers of Chile and the world “gather thirst Drinkers Pilsen is back now.”
If you want to contact the band for gigs or discs can do so at the bottom +56995365152 (wasapp) or send an internal message to the Facebook site of the band.
you can also listen at our Soundcloud
You can download the demo for free.
Greetings to all and thanks for the space, I say goodbye again.


Unhallowed – Ascension Through Darkness (2015)

Release date:January 1st, 2015

This is from last year but I just heard this for the first time today and man I wish I would’ve known about this band earlier,this is a three piece that plays Black/Speed/Thrash Metal and this is the only material they have ever released and it’s a EP with only four tracks and a intro.

Intro / Ascension Through Darkness this intro is pretty evil sounding makes you feel like you’re in hell then Ancient Light…Luciferi Excelsi comes in this really builds up from the beginning,then we get this evil yell before all hell breaks loose and the ride begins and this is so catchy full of pure aggression that left me floored with a grin on my face,Temple of Baphomet is another strong cut one thing I really like about this band is Tormentor (Vocals, Bass) this guy has the right pipes for this and the guitar playing by P. Illuminatus XV fits in well as Priest Decapitator pounds the hell out of the drums,Astral Chaos Domination has this eerie bass line in the beginning that sets the mood and then it starts ripping and gotta love this hook that is applied to the guitar work on here and when you think it’s coming to an end they blast right back at you,I’ll say they did some overdubs on the guitars but it’s all good.Satan’s Metal ends this masterpiece of an offering and I say that because it’s that good,man this is such a driving track that will leave you wanting more as it just fades off.

I had to write a review of this because,I was checking out their facebook page and they don’t have many likes and the only downfall here is trying to get a copy of this as it’s been out since the beginning of last year,maybe I will get lucky and get a copy,the whole EP has been put up but you can tell the quality isn’t as good as it should be but it let’s you hear how good this band is and hopefully somebody picks them up that will give them good distribution in the future.