Evil Bitch – Sin and Pleasure (2015)

Evil Bitch
Release date:2015
Label:Fucking Death Division

I featured this band earlier but I finally got a hold of their material,the band consist of two females Cony Bitch (Vocals, Guitars) and Leslie Witch (Bass) and a studio musician on drums,they play heavy/speed metal this is their 2014 demo that was released a year later.

It starts off with a short intro then Hellfire comes in and from the start the opening riff has this Motörhead feel to it,what really has me confused on here is the way she sings Hellfire in the chorus sounds like she’s saying Deathfire but oh well this is a good opener that gives you a hint what to expect,Bitches from Hell sounds like something that has been done before but so what, it’s really good and that’s what counts very catchy track all around great lyrics to boot.Cry of Death this one opens up with this kinda punk riff and is probably the slowest track on here but the vocals on here and the lead make it up for it not bad for what it is.Witch of Satan things pick up on here again with a bass opening line then burst into this hellish treat,I love the vocals on here that really shine on here and come across well,Sinner my favorite of all the tracks on here not that any are bad but this one just caught me from the day I first heard it on you tube,it’s a driving track that has a break in the middle but you have to love the leads through out this whole release.Broken Skull is the bonus track on this CD and it’s a live track and it’s a good one but the recording isn’t the best as you can hear people talking, but below I posted another live version that sounds like it was taken from a soundboard off a split with Inner Rotten a very good metal/punk band.

Seeing this band has been around since 2008, I hope they get some recognition because they have what it takes,they know what their doing, the musicianship is perfect,the best female band from Chile period,I hope to hear more in the near future and I would recommend this to anybody that likes speed metal because they do a the genre a great good.



Degotten – Black Wolf Pride (2016)

Release Date:January 4, 2016
Label:Evil Steel Records

Some Black/Thrash we got here,this band put out an EP Finsterkult back in 2014 that caught my ear and was wondering what happened to them,so I find this demo and it’s a four track one with two covers on it,makes me wonder why they only did two originals.

But this starts out with the title track Black Wolf Pride,this grabbed me from the start,I must say this isn’t your typical straight in your face black/thrash as a lot of others are doing, this has a lot of hooks in it that I find fit in really well.Brvce Amok (Vocals + backing,Guitars) has a great voice as well and he does the high’s as well, Sonnenmensch (Guitars,) does the high’s sometimes as well,very interesting stuff and the chorus rules!

Hail to the sword
Fuck the whore
Black Wolf Pride

All Legions Shall Fall
is totally different than the first track as this starts out with a black metal blast but then slows down as a spoken part comes in then the guitar comes in with this riff that rides this for a while then it gets fast again but slows down again and a guitar riff fades this away,this was written around a tale so it’s something you have to hear to really understand the concept,I quite enjoyed it because of the feeling it left me with.

We get two covers first In a Winter Battle (Desaster),I been a Desaster fan for a long time and this is a good cover,I liked the mix of the vocals on here which brought a new light to the track and then we have Over the Wall (Testament) I must say I was never a big fan of this band so I listened to the original and I personally think this cover is better than the original, just has a better feeling to me that made it more listenable.

This left me wondering where the band is headed because we have two different sounds on the originals and they should stick with there guns like they did on that first EP.



Letal Cross – Maldita Nación (2015)

Letal Cross
Release Date:December 31, 2015

So we start the new year with this thrash band’s first demo but you might say “oh another one of those” but remember this is Chilean thrash and by now you should know what to expect,I heard a track “Hijos de la Oscuridad” (Sons of Darkness) they released earlier last year that left me wanting to hear more so the band contacted me and left me with this new demo.4 tracks here,this is sung in spanish but it doesn’t matter,get over it.

Falsa Mirada (False Look) starts this and the lyrics are basically about being fucked over by somebody but let’s get to the music,we get these evil growls in the beginning with this pounding riff and then it breaks into another more speedy riff as the vocals come in,you gotta checkout the pounding double bass drums going off during this time but then in the end it gets really good when the lead comes in, that took this track to another level for me, a very good opener.Sueños Torturados (Tortured Dreams) hell yeah! this one is true neck breaker and with a title like that what would you expect this rips from start to finish,with this catchy kinda metal/punk hook that pounds with every beat and then a minor break as the lead comes in and then out of nowhere it just ends,very good shit I must say,then we get the remake of Hijos de la Oscuridad (Sons of Darkness) I must say this version is just as good as the first and this should please anybody that takes thrash metal seriously, a very well written track that just grabs you with lyrics of total destruction as well,this has old school written all over it.Maldita Nación (Damn Nation) the title track,I guess this is about Chile as they see it but this could be about any country these days with all it’s bullshit but anyhow this has this great scream in the beginning that grabs you,the playing on here is something else,a very furious track and the vocals really shine on this one as well,a great closer.

What can I say this is great way to start the new year with this demo from this new three piece from Santiago,I have nothing bad to say about this as everything on here is perfect from the production to the songs each one has a different vibe but all have that intensity to them you have to hear.the band is giving this demo out for download on their bandcamp page just click the player below and also give them a like on Facebook