Top 20 of 2015

Since it’s the end of the year and everybody is making a list of their best of, here is mine.note* some of the bands I reviewed didn’t make the list because I’m waiting to hear more from and yes there is a few that blew me away on their first effort so they were added.If 2015 produced so many killer releases I hope 2016 is even better.

1.Invocation Spells – Descendent the Black Throne
(Metal Command Rec.)

2.Unholy Force – Embrace the Unholy Death
(Veins Full of Wrath Rec.)

3.Evil Madness – Bastards Get Rotten
(Thanatology Productions)

4.Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion
(Memento Mori Rec.)

5.Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal
(Dark Descent Records)

6.Infernal Slaughter – Spilling Blood and Hate
(Pacto Records)

7.Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell
(Evil Steel Records)

8.Castigo – Demo 1

9.Terror Strike – Terror Strike
(Evil Confrontation Rec.)

10.Sadistik Goathammer / Abhorior – Hierophanic Sigils ov the Poison and Death
(Spreading the Pest Productions)

11.Goatzied – Hueste Encabrizada
(Veins Full of Wrath Rec.)

12.Atomicide – Chaos Abomination
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

13.Dangerous – Metal Heritage

14.Sadism – Alliance
(Mechanix Records)

15.Dekapited – Nacidos del Odio
(Suicide Records)

16.Communion – Black Metal Dagger Demo Rehearsal

17.Metastasis – The Essence That Precedes Death
(Apocalyptic Productions)

18.LvxCælis – The Watchers
(Lamech Records)

19.Worship Death – Promo MMXV

20.Perversor – Anticosmocrator
(Hells Headbangers Records)


Necrosis – Age of Decadence (2015)

Release date:August 21st, 2015
Label:Best Foe Records

Necrosis is one of the pioneer bands from Chile and “The Search” is a classic album every thrasher should own but let’s get with the times,I’ll be honest, I have given their other albums a listen and sadly they never did anything for I approached this with an open mind and I hear they have a new vocalist on this one so lets see.

So this starts with Desolation Land a nice small instrumental and then End Awareness which is really a grabber from the start and the first time I hear Jorge Jones (vocals) this reminded me of the first time I heard Søren Nico Adamsen doing vocals for Artillery,but it’s a great tune to start this off,one thing I will say this ain’t the thrash most of these younger acts are doing these days and Crush like Rats is a good example as it’s heavy but not at 100 m.p.h even Insolence has the same edge but the way these songs were written is something I ain’t complaining about but much like.Furia is the only track that’s sung in spanish and musically the weakest track but a great message behind the song.The Ovalo Prison this the track they did their promo for,it’s a descent tune but there are better tracks on here they could of done a video for.Price of the Soul love the guitar that opens this one up,but this one has an up and down feel to it,I think most thrashers would get into this.Unfair Justice another mid pace starter that builds up as it goes along and what the song is about makes it stand out for me.My Own Funeral one of my favorite’s on here on all levels,like how the final line is “Of My Fears” as a reminder of the past for those who know.

This is a good album compared to their previous releases by a big margin,some solid tunes on here and a great production as well,I’d say Necrosis is back with this.



Sadism – Alliance (2015)


Release date:December 4th, 2015
Label:Mechanix Records

This is the 7th full length from this great death metal band,the band has had it’s highs and lows throughout their existence with this being an excellent release,Ricardo Roberts (Vocals) still has the power he’s had since the beginning.I’m not gonna go through every track on here cause there is 12 of them and you get your money’s worth on this one.

Conversion the opener this track grabs you as soon as you press play, no intros here total death metal right in your fucking face!as this goes along you will hear all these tempo changes and their very catchy, crunchy at times and there is plenty of speed on here as well,Juan Pablo Donoso (Drums) still kills the skins on here as well.the guitars on here are razor shredders some killer shit.I’m telling you tracks like Putried Golden Cord which is heavy pounder and Impure & Obscure will keep your blood flowing,Pain Will Tear Us Apart one of my favs on here because there is a bit of everything in it really catchy track.the title track Alliance – We Decline..! which closes this out starts out slow but with this real heavy vibe but then we get that heavy fast shit that brings this to a close.

My advice is,if you take your death metal serious get this you won’t be disappointed,this is one of their best releases yet,and I see they just toured Europe maybe someone in the states can bring this old school band here because it’s about time.


Some live footage from the tour in Europe doing one of their classics.


Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell (2015)

Release date:August 8th, 2015
Label:Evil Steel Records

Hellish has been around since 2010 and have a few releases and this is their latest EP, 4 tracks of pure old school crushing thrash that reminds me kind of Kreator in their early stages,Necromancer (vocals,bass) has that kind of tone on here,if you listened to the “Witch” (2014) this picks up where that left off.

Total Darkness starts this off with cool intro that then goes right into it, then this killer break with the bass pops right out then into this shredding lead that will leave you floored,by the way the vocals on here are perfect easily to understand and the production is perfect dirty and raw.Silent Night the shortest track on here caught my ear on how sick the vocals are on this whole thing and the pounding groove this has to offer,some might say this sounds like something already done of course it has but who cares as long as it has that right formula and it works that’s fine with me.The Arrival of Satan is an instrumental that left me wishing I could see this band live,such a driving force these guys bring to the table,a blistering track indeed that took me back to the old days of thrash.Assassin Mind as the rest total hell on this one but I love you can here the bass rattling on this one a good closer.

I have no complains on this one and I’m glad I got to hear it before the year ends,all I hope for in 2016 from this band is a full length studio album because these short offerings leave me wanting more.



Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion (2015)

Praise the Flame
Release date:September 21st, 2015
Label:Memento Mori

For those that don’t know, Praise the Flame are a Death/Thrash band and a good one indeed,this is their first full length.

This starts out with Thanatognomonic a long intro but you barely notice because it’s a good build up to what this is album is going to bring.Fire Forces of Hate breaks in with the drums pounding then JJ’s vocals come in with a roar from hell,this is a killer opener for this opus that should please anybody into this genre.Manifest Rebellion this is a slow but evil sounding track but it builds up into a pounding that takes you on a ride of pure evil.The Burial Urns of Grief this number gets going from the start and has all kinda riffs that got my ass moving gotta love this one,a true blood churner here,up next Sepulchral Haze this is a kinda long track that has different tempo changes but they all fit in well through out the song,I like the change near the end it’s really catchy and evil sounding.Endless Scourge straight into the blast beat this one and you really got to read the lyrics to these songs on here they all fit this very well “The church of Christ,Burns once more” is what you get here.Venomous Tyranny one of the most chaotic tracks on here pure mayhem through the whole song even a little spanish thrown in,one of my favorites on here then Rise the Witchpower another ripper,seems they knew what they were doing when they laid the tracklist down because this just gets better with each track and the closer Cryptic Sovereign Death just makes this album full a great closer that has everything that was before into one last piece that fades out and makes you think what an ass kicking that was.

This full length is pure death thrash at it’s best and I highly recommend it,I won’t compare it to anybody but if you like the old stuff in this genre you will dig of the best releases of the year.



Unholy Force – Embrace The Unholy Death (2015)

Unholy Force
Release date:July 18th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

This band needs no introduction they been in the underground scene for awhile now spewing their brand of death/thrash but this is their first full length and I been waiting for this to fill my ears.

For the Ancient Ones opens this up and on this we have a new singer (CDM 666) which offers a good input to this album,this track starts with a bass line that gets your attention and then the song brings the evil we all love,a excellent opener! Covenant of Death blast right into your ears this one,Satan himself would love this and the vocals are superb.Sacred Fire keeps this rolling at the right pace pure heaviness love the riffing on this one as well The Force of Wrath has this eerie kinda black metal riff that begins this and it really is catchy something you need to hear to really get to know what I mean.Under Dark Skies has more of a black metal vibe than the previous another blasphemous track the line “swallow this world!” closes this track out in this evil vocal.Embrace the Powers of Death and you should this is one of the best tracks on here not that the rest ain’t but you just gotta love it if your into this kinda evil.Satan’s Blood pure evil track dedicated to Satan himself,this rips it’s heavy as hell!Ancients Spirits of Death/Darkest Destiny these two tracks are about the same very black metal ish riffing that should please anybody and the pace changes here and there but all in the good.Black Spirits of Revenge a great satanic closer with great lyrics that bashes all christians to hell!

I must say the new vocalist sounds great on here not that the old one was bad but musically and production wise this is their best effort to date and no leads as those who know the band and I would also call them a black death thrash band after this, but it doesn’t matter here these songs on here pull their own weight one of the best albums of the year in my book.



Dangerous – Metal Heritage (2015)

Release date:November 24th, 2015

Dangerous is a solid thrash outfit that’s been around a few years now.I got my taste of that band through a Promo – Rehearsal 2014 and that left me wanting to hear more so earlier this year the band announced they were working on their debut to be released later in the year,so it finally has been unleashed to the masses.

Intro starts this off which is kind of a mellow sounding tune which brings us into the title track Metal Heritage which is the song that got me into this band and I featured in Vol.3 of my compilations but this is the new version and it still sounds good as ever so when you hear this you know what will fill your head for the next 40+ min.Victims of Hate is up next which is off that promo as well as all the other tracks on that are featured here but this release brings new life to all of them.Thrash on the Streets I love the beginning of this tune it just grabs you by the balls,really well composed,slows a bit down then burst at you again.Murderous Tradition is a new one to me and a very good one probably my fav of the new tracks on here,gotta love the dueling leads on here.Sacrifice this one is probably my least fav track as it doesn’t have that punch the previous tracks had but it got a bit better at the end but ended as fast as it came.Danger’s Return yes this song rules with all it’s breaks and one thing I haven’t mentioned is the production on here is excellent you can hear everything perfectly,gotta love the bass line in this one.Batalla Final which means Final Battle is the only song sung in the native tongue and is one of the best tracks on here pure aggression.Executioners of Mankind another kick ass song to keep you moving your ass and the message behind it as well great tune! Running Amok ends this and on a high note and this one just has this feel to it and the only thing for me that kinds disappoints was that ended to quick.

In closing I would like to thank the band for kicking my ass with this release,I won’t get into comparing them to anybody but I must say they have that Chilean thrash vibe that others have,if you take your thrash metal serious I would make sure to check this band out as they know what their doing.

Official Website


Pentagram – Fatal Prediction / Demoniac Possession EP (1987) Vinyl Scans

Here is this very high collectible released on Chainsaw Murder Rec.this is my personal copy I bought at Bleecker Bob’s in NYC back when it was released,been offered up to $100.00 but I doubt I will ever sell it.

*This release was issued only as a 7” vinyl and was possible because of a guy from Switzerland nicknamed “Dinosaur” (Marco Suremannn), a former Celtic Frost/Hellhammer roadie, who listened to the Demo I and made the necessary arrangements to make this european release. The songs here are lifted from the demo.






Overlord – Death of Nations (2015)

Release date:November 29th, 2015

Overlord (Death/Thrash) is a one man project (Flatuleitor) that has been around since 2010 and I remember following this band since the beginning and always noticed how every release took a step further into another dimension you could say,but as this release popped up I seen I had missed out on his last two previous releases which I will have to look into.

So I seen this and the prescription said melodic or progressive so I really just went into it with an open mind,Death of Nations the title track opens this up and from the opening riff it kinda had a Voivod feel but that didn’t last long as the song gets very heavy but has some mid tempo stuff thrown in as well it’s a long track 7+ min so there is a lot in here but it all fits in well,up next Liberal Dystopia this is a pretty heavy thrasher that should get anybody moving,great guitar work on here, leads that drive your blood,good shit! Levels of Reality is another good thrasher with another Voivod feel to it.Bringer of Pain and Madness this song kinda slowed the pace down for me but near the end the track really gets heavy as hell,reminded me of some Agressor (FR).Individuality is about the weakest track on here,just didn’t have that grab.Interlude: Perspectives is a short guitar instrumental that goes into Misery and Rebellion which is another instrumental but one of the best tracks on here all well composed,Flatuleitor’s playing really comes out on this as well a very long track but I love it everything on here is over five min so if your into those 2 to 3 min songs this might not be for you.Internal Civilizations is the closer on here which has that drive in the beginning but then slows down to start up again and then just fades out.

I admit this won’t be for everybody but it has it’s high’s and low’s but more high’s as you might need a few listens for this to really grab you,as the title of this blog is EXTREME that is all I review in here and this fits the topic,my advice is checkout the older stuff here and it is all downloadable and Flatuleitor’s blog here.