Extreme Chilean Metal Vol.3

Here is the last one for the year,enjoy!

01 – 00:00 Communion – Devine Methods
02 – 04:16 Sins of the Damned – Purgatory Constitution
03 – 09:06 Et Verbi Sathanus – To the Battle or Die
04 – 11:29 Infernus Serpest – Infernal Benediction
05 – 14:59 Saviour – Saviour Devourer
06 – 19:26 Ammit – Bomb of Hate
07 – 22:26 Agresor – Apocalipsis
08 – 26:14 Abhorior – Necrorevelation ov Impurity Rites
09 – 32:59 LvxCælis – A Port to the Sky
10 – 39:30 Megiddo – Immortal Rites of War
11 – 44:41 Demonic Rage – The Occult Formulas to Desecrate Souls
12 – 49:40 Martillo Austral – Three Hundred As One
13 – 52:48 Perversor – Old Temples of Death
14 – 56:10 Exterminio – Salve Satanás!
15 – 58:32 Samot – The Prison
16 – 1:00:48 Sadistik Goathammer – Sacred Brew Of Perdition
17 – 1:04:29 Genocide – Genocide
18 – 1:08:28 Morbid Command – Demente y lleno de Odio
19 – 1:11:02 Anticristo – Envenena
20 – 1:13:49 Dangerous – Metal Heritage
21 – 1:16:42 Malicious – False
22 – 1:20:46 Metastasis – The Essence That Precedes Death
23 – 1:25:38 Goatzied – The Almighty Black Goat Knows No Fears
24 – 1:28:15 Terror Strike – Kissed by Death
25 – 1:32:50 Sadism – Crystal Clear Vision
26 – 1:36:45 Invocation Spells – Occult
27 – 1:39:39 Praise The Flame – Venomous Tyranny
28 – 1:45:00 Unholy Force – Embrace the Powers of Death
29 – 1:48:14 Invincible Force – Evil Hammer
30 – 1:50:43 Chainsaw – Ready To Nail


Rust – Various Recordings (1984-1987)

Rust was one of the pioneer thrash bands in the Chilean Metal scene,later most of the members went on as Warpath.I uploaded only 8 tracks on here as they are the only ones I have,there is a CD called “Thrash School Musical” released in 2007 on Attic Rec. that has these plus six more but is impossible to find.If anybody has this cd and would like to share it please PM me.Tracks 3 – 8 are Live.


Goatzied – Hueste Encabrizada (2015 EP)

Release date:April 20th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

Been meaning to do a review on this three piece band for a while now so here it is finally,Goatzied are a Black/Death band this is their first EP and quite a good one in deed,Triumphant Command of the Iron Thunder starts this off which is an evil sounding opener with a sick growl and the guitar work that shows what is to come.A Horned Fullmoon Equinox comes in with a blast of full energy that gets better as it goes,gotta love the sick vocals Vlad Malcolm von Lestat does on here and the ending on here will remind you of a certain old Slayer song.From the next track Condor Acorazado on this release takes on a new level and in a good way,not that the previous tracks were weak or anything just that the riffing just got even better and the arrangements of the tracks When Pure Black Blood Covers the Pentagram is just an example.

This is a very good EP that has a lot to offer to the listener,pure evil hard hitting right to the point! This is for anybody that likes that old school sound as it’s all over this release,8 titles on here and the production is perfect! Hopefully we get a full length in the near future as this band has what it takes to breakout into the worldwide underground metal scene.


Anticristo – Diablo Salmos (2015)

Release date:September 12th, 2015
Label:Deathrash Armageddon

Anticristo based out of Santiago shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anybody that follows the black metal scene,with a few releases under their belt this is their second full length and nothing has changed with a mix of death/thrash thrown in.This has 11 tracks of full blasphemy with a dirty production that has always been apart of the bands sound here as well especially love the way the bass sounds on here.

This is sung in spanish but it doesn’t really matter,Demoninad (Vocals) has that range that sounds like to different singers at some points on some tracks,one thing about this that keeps me interested in it is that most of their arrangements are all different from the other so there is quite a variety here but all in the black metal vein no wierd sounds just pure in your face shit,Some tracks that stand out are Impuro No Sacro,Envenena,Venganza Sangra.

One last note this was released on a Japanese label so it might be hard to get,my best bet it to email Deathrash Armageddon to see if it’s in stock.


Invocation Spells – Descendent The Black Throne (2015)

Invocation Spells
Release date:March 15th, 2015
Label:Metal Command Records

Here is the second offering by this Black/Thrash band that released their first Unholy Blasphemies in 2014 and made a huge impact in the underground,On here we pick up where the last one left us with pure crushing mayhem that would make the forefathers of this genre very proud,The Betrayal of Bastard starts this off with kinda old Bathory riff but after that it burst into what this band has been known to offer, a great opener.Lust to Death another one that just keeps this album flowing through your mind.The Black Rite,Occult and Under the Shadows of Pentagram keep this rolling with nothing but pure aggression that will keep the listener hooked,One thing I should mention is that this band has no leads but it doesn’t matter in this case because the tracks are so heavy that you won’t even notice, and if you read my other reviews, I love leads but this is an exception.The Revenge of the Serpents,Descendent the Black Throne,The End of Time finish this opus out and I can’t really pic a favorite track as they all have a certain aspect to them, a very good follow up that left me wanting to hear more just like the rest.

I highly recommend this and even try to pick up the first one it’s just as good and the production is just as good for this style, no polished up shit here!

*In time of writing this I hear Hellheadbangers has picked up the band and on Dec.11,2015 this will be put out worldwide which is great news for everybody because this is a band that must be heard.


Retrospective of Chilean Metal (1983/1993)

This book was released back in 2009 as well as an LP that have now been out of print for years,but I have good news,I was informed by Corvus Discos who pressed the first version that a English version will be released sometime in 2016 as well it will contain more info than the original,so I hope this goes through because I missed out the first time.

This is the compilation that accompanied the book.


Terror Strike – Terror Strike (2015)

Terror Strike
Release date:August 20th, 2015
Label:Evil Confrontation Records

After being on the scene for ten years now we finally get the bands first full length,Terror Strike are an all out Thrash band and from the start this gets you going The Night Burns sets the mood on what this band is all about,I won’t get into every track as they are all good,this is what Thrash should sound like aggressive as hell with furious leads that make you wanna bang your head or beat some poser’s ass! If your into old school Thrash like Razor with that kind of speed I would highly recommend getting this you won’t be disappointed.The production on here is perfect you can hear every instrument perfectly,Iván Contreras vocals are in that S.American vein, we that follow the scene have come to known and yes this is all in English for those that have second thoughts.

The album is over 45min.long with two instrumentals that come across quite well,some highlights are Executioner Thrash Metal,Spit on the Cross,Armed and Alcoholic but this could easily be the Thrash album of the year,I wouldn’t even call this a retro band as by the cover shows these guys ain’t jumping on the bandwagon.You can purchase this at Evil Confrontation Records and they ship worldwide so go buy this and support!