Killing Mass – The Meaning of Survive (Demo 2015)

Killing Mass
Release date:February 2015

Been meaning to review this demo for awhile now,Killing Mass are a Death/Thrash band,but this demo took me awhile to actually grab me not like the their 2014 Four Ways to Destroy Demo
which got me into this band and impressed me so I was very much looking forward to this.So Destino opens this up and I was kinda wondering if they were fucking around with this duel guitar intro which kinda sounds off key but as soon as this passes we go to what this band brings all out assault,of all the songs on here this is the one that took time to get used to. Revindication starts out with a slow intro but again the ripping commences and this one is sung in English and you can tell,but this track has some flow to it but it will grab you after a few listens.The Symbol of Terror is my favorite track on here,straight forward with ripping leads like I love and a break that reminded me of old Necrosis when the bass breaks in.The Destruction the final track and this is kinda weird due to this break at the end that has a more straight thrash sound but ends quick as the leads come in and we gat back to what it’s all about,as a added bonus they put an instrumental version of SOT which is titled Pista (The Symbol of Terror).

These guys are young so they will get better with time and hopefully a full length is in the near future because they got what it takes,checkout their Soundcloud page they have their previous demo on there as well.

Some live footage from a recent gig.


Atomicide – Chaos Abomination (2015)

Release date:January 30th, 2015
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

If you ain’t familiar with this band (Death/Thrash) they been around since 2003 with various demos and a great split with Ejecutor,This opus of mayhem is their second full length,what we got here is a furious slab of nine tracks that are straight forward,this sounds a little more upbeat than their previous and I mean production wise but the only bad thing I can find on here is that the vocals are kinda drowned out but everything else sounds great on here ripping leads,the drums most of all you can hear them perfectly.
If your into old Morbid Angel or anything in that vein I would check this out,the band is giving this away to download for free on their bandcamp page.I think this is a good release that keeps you interested in it as each track plays,I had to give it a few spins before it all started to fall into place and I hope the band puts out a follow up to this as I always liked this band from their early material.


Death Prevails – The Raid

First of all this Death Metal band isn’t around anymore but yesterday one of the bands members posted this:

Death Prevails was my own personal project but sadly as a band it didn’t last long… however during the very short period the band was “active” we recorded a 4 track EP entitled “The Raid”. The EP can now be listened in its entirely @
If everything goes to plan, in some time, the EP will be released by the crushing label Apocalyptic Prods from Chile, but until that manifests, people that has been asking for the EP can hear it now. This was recorded sometime late 2012 if I remember correctly.

I had a listen and it’s good,give it a shot and a free download as well.


Agonic Death – Death/Thrash Metal

I just found out about this band but on looking up on their material, I see they released a full length this year but I checked their Facebook page I see no info on this release and they deleted a video they had for it,I contacted them and hopefully they write back, in the mean time they put up their first rehearsal demo from 2013 also a promo was released in 2014.


Slaughtbbath – Desecration Commando European Tour – 2015

Slaughtbbath (Bestial And Destructive Chilean Black Death Metal) Is Going To Tour Several Countries Of Europe Starting in September with supporting acts Violentor ( Thrash bastards from Italy ) and Turbocharged ( Deathpunk metal from Sweden ).Check dates on the flyer below.The Oct.3 show in Oslo has been cancelled and they are looking to replace the date,If you can help
contact Etrurian Legion Promotion:


Purulent Mutation – Mutacion Purulenta (2015 EP)

Purulent Mutation
Release date:April 3rd, 2015

These guys are a new Death Metal band that just released their first material as an EP,they basically focus on 90’s style, 4 tracks on here that show promise as we start with Violada Despues de la Muerte (Raped after Death) The sound of old school Death Metal is there especially when Francisco Correa breaks in with the vocals so a good start.Mutacion Purulenta the title track this starts out slow and makes you wonder where there going and speeds up a bit half way through but then slowed down again which made me lose interest,next up Fetiche de Carne (Meat Fetish) probably my favorite track on here because it shows what this band can do if they put their mind into it.Alimento para Gusanos (Food for Worms) the closer just another basic Death Metal song that really doesn’t bring much,what this is majorly missing is leads there are none on this whole opus and the production could of been better as well as sometimes the vocals get drowned out,you can listen below and buy it directly from the band at their Bandcamp page.