Blasfemia & Reykhem release new material


These were released today,the Blasfemia track is for an upcoming EP on ANCESTRAL TERROR RECORDS (Chile) the Reykhem track was released as a gift to fans as they celebrate the bands appearance at BESTIAL DEVASTACIÓN DEATH THRASH FEST I which is happening tomorrow, and should be on the bands next release,these guys have really appreciated that we have spread the word of the band and are going to post footage of their appearance and I will share as soon as it is released.


Extreme Chilean Metal Vol.2

The second installment in the series,some old favorites as well as some new.

01 – 00:00 Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Nomen Mysticum
02 – 03:10 Darkness – Desterrado Del Mundo
03 – 09:14 Evil Madness – Beyond / The Gate
04 – 18:43 Warfare Blood – Ley de Muerte
05 – 22:18 Uttertomb – Swallowed By Graves
06 – 25:50 Blasfemia – Antichrist Assault
07 – 30:15 Atomic Aggressor – Faceless Torment
08 – 34:52 Dangerous – Metal Heritage
09 – 37:45 Apostasy – Virgin Sacrifice
10 – 42:46 Acero Letal – Veloz Invencible
11 – 48:56 Hades Archer – Tempest
12 – 51:51 Ejecutor – Hierodula
13 – 56:11 Dekapited – Anticristo
14 – 59:54 Disaster – Thrash y Alcohol
15 – 1:03:15 Reykhem – Mal Ritual
15 – 1:06:37 Torturer – Death Smells Silence
16 – 1:10:10 Atomicide – Under the Spell of Destruction
17 – 1:14:40 Sadism – The Upper Echelon
18 – 1:17:58 Flesh Hunter & The Analassaulters – Envoy From Hell
19 – 1:21:11 Chaotic Bastard – Mayhem, Madness, Death!!!
20 – 1:25:44 Killing Mass – The Symbol of Terror
21 – 1:29:37 Hellpack – Orgy of Blood with the Virgin and Satan
22 – 1:33:03 Behead – Killer
23 – 1:36:25 Castigo – Templo del Pecado
24 – 1:39:27 Infernal Slaughter – Nocturnal Desecrator
25 – 1:41:28 Death Vomit – Thorns Damnations


Behead – Fatal Violence (2015)

Release date:January 13th, 2015
Label:Zombie Records

So here we have the first EP from this Death/Thrash band a total 5 tracks plus an intro (The Begin of the End).The Ritual starts this out and this song sounds promising but when they slowed it down it kinda took something out of it for me.Vision Distorsionada this one is their only one sung in Spanish and it’s a good one love the drumming on this one as well this song is written perfectly.The title track Fatal Violence this one has Death written all over it in the beginning but once the vocals come in it takes a life of it’s own and even some sounds of old Swedish DM scene are heard on here good stuff.
The next two tracks Killer and Death in Fire are listed as bonus and you can definitely tell by the sound quality that they were recorded later on and show how much the band progressed in such a short time and it’s getting better with age,this band has caught my eye and as in the NWOCTM post earlier the first track on there is by Behead from whats next on their agenda.
You can get this at their label’s site if there is any left as it was only pressed to 100 tapes and it’s based in can also get in contact with the band directly at their Facebook page.

Here is the full EP.


Infernal Slaughter – Spilling Blood and Hate (2015)

Infernal Slaughter
Release date:May 26th, 2015
Label:Pacto Records

Infernal Slaughter have been around since 1997 with only a few demos released until this full length and what a debut this is pure Thrash Metal as it should be done, I won’t get into detail about every track on here because none of them are boring but Nocturnal Desecrator and Looking in the Eyes of Christ are pure standouts. Black Sodomy is probably the slowest track on here just because it opens slow but rips afterwards.

The musicianship on here is just as perfect, D.I.W.D.(Vocals) sometimes remind me of Sheepdog (McLaren) a bit and great screams as well, on the last track Called by the Devil we have backing vocals by Torrid (Perversor), chorus by Abominable (Perversor).

If your into thrash like Razor or even Merciless (SWE) I would really suggest you look into this,there isn’t much info on this band on the net and I doubt there will be but I would contact Pacto Records and try to get a copy because what I am hearing is this is selling well in the underground and as you know these are limited pressings, I gave this 10/10 because it’s that good and right now this tops my extreme list for the year.

This is the opening track if you like this it gets even better after this.

Here is some live footage from a recent gig when they opened for Metalucifer.


Hellpack – Devil’s Cult (2015)

Release date:April 4th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

Hellpack are labeled Black/Speed but this has a bit of everything in it very Motorheadish Punk influences,this release contains two previous demos remastered their Devil’s Rock ‘n’ Roll (2009) and Spill the Blood Red and Follow the Satanic Cult (2014).
I won’t get into a full review because most of this sounds the same and not in a bad way,it should please anybody that likes old school Metal/Punk and that dirty Rock n Roll sound as well fans of Gehennah (Swe),Blizzard (GER) will love this.They have that kinda sound but their main topic is satanic so that’s where the difference comes in,ten tracks of pure headbanging enjoyment,they left me wanting more.

Some live footage.



Zetra is an all out Heavy Metal, I wanted to spread the variety and this band caught my ear because they got the right sound when it comes to this genre,they only have one official demo (Esclavos de la Guerra 2012) which they are giving away for free download here which is a good first release.Also there is a you tube channel with more stuff on the band here and Facebook

I have a good feeling these guys will breakout if they get the right push as there is a market for this kinda Metal out there,these two tracks posted are from their up coming release which you can hear the potential is there.