Ejecutor / Atomicide – Split (2007)

Ejecutor / Atomicide
Release date:2007

Since I also run the Notes From The Underground Channel on YT,and I’m always putting up old Chilean Metal that I can find,I thought about bringing back some of the older releases of bands from now and then.
So I’ll start with this split,both these Death/Thrash bands that have gone onto doing many other great things after this but this captures the rawness in it’s full glory,I’ll be reviewing the latest from both these bands very soon.mean time enjoy this.

1. Ejecutor – Mysterium Magnum 00:00
2. Ejecutor – Deidad 01:32
3. Ejecutor – Usurpación sacrílega (transcanalización divina) 04:29
4. Ejecutor – Circulo de determinación 06:55
5. Ejecutor – Metal Eternal 09:10
6. Ejecutor – Advocación 11:25
7. Ejecutor – Guerrero astral 14:19
8. Ejecutor – Majestuosa inmortalidad 17:22
9. Atomicide – Crushing Son of a Bitch 21:43
10. Atomicide – Drauge Rain 24:00
11. Atomicide – Troops of Extermination 26:34
12. Atomicide – Materialized Hate in Destruction 28:18
13. Atomicide – Death Metal Command 30:24
14. Atomicide – Atomizig the Jewish Dog 32:32
15. Atomicide – Atomicide 33:13
16. Atomicide – Pisagua in Burning Down 35:25
17. Atomicide – Spreading the War 37:29
18. Atomicide – Alcohol and Gunpower 39:17
19. Atomicide – Penetrate with My Panzerfaust 42:00


Dekapited – Nacidos Del Odio (2015)


Release date:February 10th, 2015
Label:Suicide Records

This band started out in 2006 and I remember the day they contacted me on my YT channel and they told me to take down one of their earlier demos because they had changed their sound and it was one of the best moves they could have ever done from just being a regular retro thrash band.
So what they turned into is a fierce band that showed in their 2011 “Contra Iglesia y Estado” EP which got high approval by the underground community,I’ll be honest I’m not that big on Thrash Metal these days but this band has that Chilean Thrash sound that takes it to another level.
So onto this new album, I won’t get into every track on here but it’s a kick ass solid release,Anticristo being my favorite track on here but the whole album will please anybody that wants their ass kicked majorly from start to finish,I highly recommend this.



Evil Bitch

Can’t believe I just found out about this band the other day,seeing they been around since 2007 with only a few demos might be the reason, from what I have heard so far they sound promising some very good Heavy/Speed Metal.

By now you might of guessed by the name this is a female band and they are,from what I read they started out as an all female act but have lost their drummer so they have some guy doing it now but who cares as long as it works.

I contacted the band and hopefully they write back because they left me wanting to hear more.



Acero Letal – Veloz Invencible / Duro Metal (Single 2015)

Acero Letal

Acero Letal
Release date:2015

Acero Letal is a Heavy Speed Metal band that as you could say has broken through due to that their material has been reissued through three German labels (Witches Brew Recs./Destruktion Recs./Anger of Metal Recs.)
Of the two tracks on here Veloz Invencible is my favorite it has that certain punch that draws me to this band like a continuation to their first single (Por la gloria del metal), Duro Metal sounds like a traditional Metal track very well written that should satisfy anybody that likes old school Metal even some keys thrown in that fit well,a new step for the band.
I highly recommend this bands material it will leave you yearning for more and hopefully we will get a full release by the end of the year which I hear is in the works.



Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal (2015)


Invincible Force
Release date:March 10th, 2015
Label:Dark Descent Records

After following this band for a few years now,I was surprised on that they have changed their sound like their earlier material was more thrash based they have taken more black/death/thrash on this opus.

Rise the Wrath of Satan starts this off with a pure right in your face effort great opener,Scraps of the Dead another catchy song in the same vein as opener,Necromance is one of those tracks that starts right to the point then brings you back down to earth as for Summoning the Black Destruction this one takes you up and down a very well written track.Desolation stands out to the vocals being so mean and aggressive something you need to hear to understand and next comes Onwards to War my favorite track on here just a catchy riff nothing new but it gets me moving as well as Bringers of Armageddon another excellenet track with leads which is something this album is lacking unfortunately so we end with Unholy Trinity a very good closer to this debut only wish they would of put more leads in their songs and this would of been an even better release.

On 5/26/2015 The band announced that Carlos “Holocaust” Falcon (Bass/Vocals) and has been with the band since 2007 had quit and his replacement will be Cristian Contreras (Evil Madness)

As you might or not know most of these musicians in Chile play for different bands and I hope the best for these two because their both top notch acts.


Apostasy – Blackened by Sacrifice (Demo 2014)



Release date:November 3rd 2014



Here we have this two song demo from one of Chile’s older thrash bands that put out “Sunset of the End” back in 1991 and is an underground classic but to the present.Seems Cris Profaner has taken over the realm of this band now.

So we start with Virgin Sacrifice that was composed back in 1987 and you can tell just by the hearing this it takes you back to the sound of the first album, great track.Blackened by Lust is more of a recent track and more mid paced than the previous but still a very good effort.Lets hope more comes from this band in the future.